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Is college education in India not world class?

From childhood, every child dreams of growing up and joining college. From the beginning, they have a different image and view about the colleges, as they see in the movies or television. They think that their college will be the best one with all sorts of fun; they would be having a classroom with all the high-tech amenities, professors teaching in a style which is very different from what they saw in their school. But does this dream really come true? Do they get whatever they see or imagine? The truth is a big NO.

From the personal experience and whatever I heard from other students from different colleges that in India not every college provide up to mark education, they have just made it a business or something to make money.

First of all let us understand what does a world class education means and matters to a student. For a student, world class education is where they can interact with their teachers easily, having good and healthy discussions with each other. For them by hearting the concept is a big no-no, they want to learn each and every concept practically. They want to visualize the concept using their day to day life experience. They want good, green and healthy infrastructure, with less boundaries. But do they really get that?

Generally, most of the Indian colleges are having typical professors who come to the class, open their laptops, start power point presentations; they just read the presentation for one hour or so and then go. As a result students still remain far away from understanding the thing which they were in the beginning of the lecture. Many teachers even don't try to make the class interactive. Some professors being biased grade some of their favorite students according to their will. Many colleges arrange workshops only for ten to twelve bright students for which the college takes fee, other students don't even get chance.

As a student, we all would like to see different cultures from different states and countries as well. We want more free workshops, more research work to happen. We want students exchange programs to happen, companies to come to our colleges just to share their work experience and to give us more practical knowledge about our field, we want more educational and industrial tours, more real life projects to work upon by our own. We want internships and training. Many colleges provide these but most of them don't. They are still lagging behind from other countries and their elite colleges.

This shows that India has to bring many reforms in its education system to make the college education world class, providing more opportunities and thus attracting more students as many students want to pursue education in other countries and hence, keeping our talent in our own country. Till then we won't and can't say that education in India is world class. I would like to end upon with a thought said by Brigham Young – "Education is the power to think clearly, the power to act well in the world's work, and the power to appreciate life".

Somi Jha

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