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Is college education in India not world class?

"No…Its not like that"…These were the words said by my XI standard Accountancy teacher when I asked him the same thing asked to me today.I've done good amount of research on this.Not on papers…But in my mind itself.I didn't ask more to my teacher as he was believed to be of wild temperament.From his answer 2 conclusions can be drawn… 1)Its true that our educational system is not world class.
2)We are world class in college education.
I feel that the first option can be agreed upon to achieve the second one.But how do we do that?...College life is something which is dreamt of by every school going student.That student who doesn't know about what a college is or what kind of education system prevails there?The student simply dreams about it because of the influence of films in that student's life.That's REEL Life…REAL Life cannot be associated with it.I remember once when an interviewer asked Mr.AmitabhBacchan about the difference between REEL and REAL life.Hereplied,"I asked this question to my dad.My dad used to say that,'In REEL life we get political justice in 3 hours but in REAL life even 3 decades aren't enough to get that political justice'…"

This answer really moved my heart and from then onwards I always started saying to others that do not believe what films show to you.So that school going student too shouldn't be in that delusion.Gaining knowledge from whatever you do should be the main motive of you doing that 'Whatever'…

In India,we have many many colleges(Difficult to count too) but only some(Which can be counted for) give 'Quality(Education) to its Quantity(Students)'.The basic reason for this lack of world class education is the system followed by our educational institutions.Students,right from school are taught about how to earn a good % in X standard,get a good college,get a good degree,get a good job…But what would be its use when you aren't even able to recollect what you learnt during school days?.I'm talking about this because I myself has experienced this during my schooling days.I got to know that later but still,I'm spreading awareness about this to the students who are yet to enter college…So that at least they don't enter college life with more burden of studies but with less burden of marks.They should be able to decide between 'Interests' and 'Knowledge'…If you have the knowledge,people would automatically generate interest in your knowledge.

Being 'World Class' in college education has 1 thing which should be dealt with,first…That thing is the existing schooling system of our country should be reviewed and be modified to make it more student friendly and make the student ready for competitive exams.Like teach the student in such a way that if that student goes for giving competitive exams like the IAS,then studying History would just like be a revision of whatever the student learnt.In reality what happens is that the student has to search great depths for even the smallest point due to the system under which the student learnt from school.That results in more QUANTITY,but less QUALITY...'Quality to the Quantity' should be our main focus point.To be 'World Class' in college education we need to be 'Best in class' in school education.Because the student comes into college life with the same aim of gaining marks without even understanding the topic…Just by 'By-hearting' things.Which won't help you in the long run…You would find yourself in a world where everything is new to you,except the educational system.InNursery,did we by heart 'ABCD…'? No.We understood it as it was something new being taught to us with the help of interesting techniques undertaken by our KG teachers…The same interest should be generated in all walks of teaching and learning along with discipline as it's the most important feature of a knowledgeable person…

"You can give a Rolls Royce to a monkey to drive and it will make a mess out of it…Whereas you can give a Fiat to a well 'Disciplined' driver and that driver will make a Rolls Royce out of it"

Jayraj Singh

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