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Digital India or Green India, Discuss

Digital India or Green India is not two separate entities. We cannot come to conclusions to prove that one has an upper hand over the other, as both are two sides of the same coin. Only when all parts of the body (body, mind and soul) grow together we can call it a holistic growth.

'Digital India' is a dream; it is a future of India, created by the Government of India to ensure that Government services are made available to citizens electronically by improving online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity. Not only in cities but also to remote villages in well planned defined manner with set goals to achieve in a defined time space.

The highlights of digital India are:-

  • Broadband Highways: To bridge the digital divide in the country
  • Digital Locker: Fast and secure way to keep documents and to receive services from them, as they are handled by the government for example when we need to open an account we give the officials details of our digital locker where they will verify it and do the needful. By this we can save time and space and the pain of standing in long queues to get personal identifying documents can be reduced
  • Mobile connectivity: more services so to bring a uniformity in the country
  • E-Kranti: This means integrating public programmes on single portals, and using technology for their implementation and for public grievance system when they don't work well. The government will also fast track approvals using IT, and mandate standards and protocols for software and hardware. A National Cyber Security Co-ordination Centre will be set up to combat cyber-attacks, which have the potential to disrupt large parts of Digital India.
  • Jobs: digital India creates more employment opportunities in new fields and the existing ones
  • MyGov: ideas can be sent to the government very fast with this advanced technology as �an idea can change your life and make life more simple and humble for others in a positive way"
  • Manufacturing: it creates more need for equipment�s which will increase the manufacturing of components for digital India

'Green India' is not a new term it started long back and can be prominently seen in the five year plans. Green revolution was very important to independent India, as food is the main source and need of the day, might be even without technology we can live, but without food we can't live.

Green India just does not mean food crops it means a lot more it�s about climatic change. Climate Change is a serious global environmental concern, �The climate change is due to increasing greenhouse gases and space for economic development is what the world is struggling with. Any development will increase the need for energy. A balance between greener environment initiatives, international geopolitics and government policies are the keys for moving forward.

There is a drastic shift in the agriculture field also, as people have changed from food crops to cash crops. This is mainly because Indian agriculture is a gamble with the monsoon as if monsoon fails the crops fail, and if the monsoon is excess the crops are destroyed. So when people are deep rooted in market economy people fail to realise that, we ourselves are digging our own grave. Also the risk of the monsoon are avoided, but necessary steps has to be taken to increases food crops as Indian population is very high compared to the other countries.

The farmers alone can�t be blamed as climatic change has affected to a greater extent. �Climate change is destroying our path to sustainability. Ours is a world of looming challenges and increasingly limited resources. Sustainable development offers the best chance to adjust our course.� - Ban Ki-moon Great efforts are being taken by the government and non-profit organizations to keep up with the green mission, as we are living in this earth as of we have a different place to go if anything happens to this life giving planet.

Green India can become safe and improved by digital India so, we have to link with Green India and Digital India to become Smart India

Nithin Rajan

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