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Digital India or Green India, Discuss

Digital India is a flagship programme by Government of India to transform all government services through the use of Information Technology. In last decade Government came up with various e-governance inititiatives which were citizen centric .However they have not been able to make the desired impact and fulfill desired objectives. In order to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy, current government has come up with an idea of Digital India Programme.

Digital India aims at providing greater Connectivity and greater access to information so that people can be benefitted with the development and government policies for them.

Another advantage of greater penetration of Information Technology will enable citizens to file grievance online, book tickets online, go through the feedbacks of other tourists which will help them finding nice tourist spot with better hotels. It will also boost economy as now a day's many traders and business houses have gone online to sell their products. It benefits buyers also because these online traders facilitate home delivery of products. People will get more options for a particular product and it will improve competition in market. Also internet connectivity through high speed highways will help students and teachers to find information about any topic, so it is good for education also. People can access government services like Passport Seva, Income Tax Filling, Pan Card application, Submission of electricity Bill etc which are online. It will make their lives easier and hassle free.

While on one hand government is creating an environment where people can easily access government services on electronic devices so that corruption and loss of data can be handled and effiency of system can be increased, on the other side the government has come up with a much important initiative called as 'Green India' to protect our habitat. Green India aims at protecting, restoring and enhancing forest covers and responding to climate change by combination of adaptation and mitigation measures.

In past 4 decades the average earth temperature has risen about 0.8 degree Celsius. Each year the temperature is rising by 2 degree Celsius. Glaciers are melting in Himalayan region and Polar Regions. Many species have lost their habitats. Rivers are polluted. Many species have got extinct or are endangered. Forest cover is shrinking .Therefore in this situation Green India raises hope for a sustainable and inclusive development.

At present both initiatives have their own importance and at some point Digital India is supporting in one or the other way the Green India Initiative .For Example if everyone opt for an electronic statement for a telephone bill or an electricity bill, it will save many trees because it will reduce the consumption of paper. In this way Digital India also helps in arresting deforestation.

As we all know that the whole world is concerned with the Climate Change occurring in recent times because of rapid industrialization and growing demand of developing countries for high GDP.So at this point of time when India on one hand requires more jobs to boost economy and need to tackle corruption, it also requires to adapt ecofriendly approaches and technology to protect and enhance earth climate and environment, so that the biodiversity and various habitats of living organisms can be protected and the balance of life chain can be maintained .

Digital India can also contribute in creating awareness regarding climate change and inspiring people to adopt eco-friendly approaches.
In this way both programmes are important at this point of time for our nation.

Supriya Saraswat

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