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Digital India or Green India, Discuss

Our society is not there in the position as it was on yesterday. We are advancing day-to-day in every sector. So fast processing of tasks is necessary for everyone in this society. So, digitisation of our surroundings is essential to meet our requirements.

Digitisation is crucial for storage, transmission and processing of data as it allows information in all formats to be carried with same efficiency. Today we can see large queues of people in public distribution systems, but this phenomenon is not seen in the case of big supermarkets. This is happening because digitisation is present in a supermarket which is not there in public distribution systems. As everyone is busy in achieving their goals, we cannot kill time of people by making them to wait in queues. Through digitisation, a database of total stock of commodities is available which makes them easier to distribute goods to the needy.

As in case of these public distribution systems, digitisation is necessary for easy accomplishment of our tasks as it saves our time. But we should not go for digitisation at the cost of damaging our ecosystem. We are creating many new machines and we are advancing in our technology to survive in the global competition. But, many of the new equipments created by us are causing damage to our environment. CFCs and other emissions from many new devices are causing depletion of ozone layer. "Real development is seen only when we advance without damaging our ecosystem". Many species of flora and fauna are becoming endangered due to our emissions.

Life expectancy of human being is getting reduced day by day due to this pollution and these harmful gases released by us to atmosphere. Developing our technology by damaging our ecosystem is like cutting the branch on which we sit. We should not go for such immature way of thinking because our damage to ecosystem affects our future generations. As we are planning for faster, inclusive and sustainable development, we should not go for development by conserving our ecosystem.

As India is a developing country, we should not go completely on one track i.e., either in complete digitisation by upgrading our technology or in complete Green India. But we should maintain balance between our technology and on our ecosystem. We should upgrade our technology and we should compete with all developed economies of the world, but we should achieve this by producing eco-friendly goods and by conserving our environment for future generations. In my opinion, we should opt for Digital Green India rather than sticking to a single track of development. This can be achieved by developing goods and technology and digitising our nation by conserving our ecosystem. This makes us to think and prosper as a civilised nation and to become an ideal for all other nations of the world.

K.Charan Kumar

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