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Do backward people still need reservation?

Off late there has been a huge debate whether reservation should be given or not and if it is to be given then to whom it should be given? Recent case of increasing the reservation in Maharashtra comes into mind. But do backward people actually need reservation? Can our society thrive without reservation? What should be the criteria for reservation if at all it has to be given? What if there is no reservation? Will there be equality? Do deserving people actually get reservation?

There are laws for everything in our country but unfortunately they are bent according to the needs of some. Look at the small kid working in a tea stall and ask yourself if reservation has benefited him?

Then look at the great names in every field. Did they actually need reservation to show their capabilities?

But when we talk about "DO BACKWARD PEOPLE STILL NEED RESERVATION?" two things come in mind.
Who are backward people and what is reservation?
When we talk about backward it may be financially backward or from backward caste. Reservation simply means reserving seats in the field of education, jobs or other economic benefits.

Why we need reservation at all?
There may be groups of people who have been oppressed for ages, who have not been given the dues from the society they live in, who have been both mentally and physically abused for ages or there may be groups of people who are not financially capable in leading a standard quality of life or there may be people who might be in minority. To give these people opportunity to be equal in the society, reservation is granted to them. It is given in the form of age relaxation or fee relaxation or reserving certain seats for them.

Reservation in the constitution
Part XVI having articles 330-342 deals with special provisions relates to reservation of seats for Scheduled Castes and Schedule Tribes in Lok Sabha and state assemblies and reservation in job and educational institutions.

Impact of reservation
It is a well known fact that reservation has so far been used only to consolidate the vote banks by various political parties. The basic purpose of including reservation was to provide equal opportunity to all but soon this objective was overtaken by political motive. Reservation is now being used as a tool to lure votes. Political parties change the definition of backward according to their vote banks.

Is reservation necessary?
There are people who don't get it easy. They have to fight for survival each day just to fill their stomach. If we want equality in society then these people have to be taken along. The reservation should be based on financial basis rather than caste/religion basis. What is the fault of person if he is born in a poor upper class family? Doesn't he/she deserve equal chance as being given to other poor people from backward society? Why a rich person from backward class should get a reservation when he/she can fulfill his/her needs? In the current scenario no one gets easy in the world whether that person is from upper caste or lower caste. It's all about the financial condition of an individual.

The problem is at grass root level. You cannot cure an ailment without knowing its cause. Provide quality education to the people in villages or those living in tribes. If government can spend a huge chunk in providing subsidies to the backward in the name of reservation then it should also take steps to improve their standard of living. Let them come prepared to compete at the higher levels.
If reservation is to be provided then it should be on the basis of financial condition and not on the basis of caste or religion. Draw a proper scale of income or financial condition and give the reservation to those who are below it whether from any caste. It will bring more equality in the society.

Anurag Sharma

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