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Moral and Ethics in everyday life by Abraham Johnson Anchaniyil.

Our next generation depends on dreams & visions. We shall distribute our family wealth plus or minus acquired wealth to members of the family members and immediate relatives. Otherwise struggle for moral & ethics in everyday life.

If we live in a society full of status and esteem there is the scope for evaluation. Evaluating dreams there is the chance for judgement .Our ancestors are seats of judgement in prosperity. We shall review the everyday life full of ideas & actions to tackle lifestyle and urban standards. Today morality & ethics depends on urban dwellings. Everybody likes it for lust and showing sympathy. We live a peaceful & happy life for judgement of life attributes.

Everyday life, we depend on friends and relatives.

Morality & ethics shapeup our future & have an upper hand on religion. The senior fellows of society have an upperhand due to Obedience. Curses can be removed due to Obedience.
Morality & Ethics may be deteriorated & underestimated in the coming decades due to ignorances. Shall we ignore all failures in life before a Mentor and Counsellor.
Everyday life starts from Today and past is forgotten. Tomorrow in future ,we remember all past life events for glory. Even Law is nothing in the purview of moral & ethics.
Today, we celebrate everyday life for God's sake. "My life is a reward for a better tomorrow" is a statement of Revenge for the deceived & marginalised.

A prophet innovates the time -periods. To my beloved friend, a language deserves forgiveness. As a sense of belongingness, to be injured in legby during a basketball match means dead in the Trace of the maturity. Whether deceived or a ladder to a better hierarchy money is a vital factor. Everybody needs a sensation of Neighbourhood during urban settlements. All urbanisation are a part of civilisation up to records.

All Medical Records vitally proves the morality of the medical doctors & the awareness to the patients. A data bank is sold & bought to the customer & consumers from the hypermarket as a part of Lifestyle & Trade. Medical sciences are a ladder to the moral & ethics in public policy. All of our aim is to become a good citizen up to global standards. We get reward & position from society to climb the sustainable heights. The concept Down Town is a part of moral & ethics in urban culture. The maxima & minima in the Time & Speed of Todays Theoretical Physics varies with cheap labour. On the downfall , migration to urban areas, pinpoints local area network to infinite solutions.

Discontinued from mathematical framework, & statistical sayings , ethics & morals descend & ascend to loyalty. THE INFORMATION ADVANTAGE in the day to day life proves the celebrity of customs and trade in services. As a part of money trade the GLOBAL TRADE AREAS are Urban in nature and urban in pursuit of excellence. Ethics & Morality in love affair is a money making process & not an event also. All Immoral Happenings in our premises may induce Lifelong happiness. Love once given cannot be taken back and is credited & attempted for rainy days & monsoon in an year. Unethical & Immoral Love lead to a sin package & solution of illnesses.

Liberation is found in the religions to profound illiteracy. Happiness once attempted is debited for chemical reactions. Modern Law is suppressed for ethical & moral standards.

Abraham Johnson Anchaniyil

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