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Moral and Ethics in Everyday Life

What are Morals and Ethics??? Ask this question to a crowd and to our dismay we may not be finding a single hand raising to answer that question. That is the misfortune that our current educational system brought to the society. Throughout the years of education we are be asked to study, study and to study. But nobody expect us to learn the morals and ethics that we ought to learn without which the entire education goes in vain.

Morals and Ethics play a very crucial role in our everyday life. They play a very big role throughout our lives without we noticing their importance many times. Our way of viewing things in the perspective of right or wrong and the way we behave with our friends or family or the society and our way of thinking while solving a problem or making a decision, all comes under the ethical and moral values that we possess basically. The terms morals and ethics are interlinked. Morals are the ideas and beliefs that we were taught right from our childhood which are imparted in our mind through the family or the teachers or the surroundings whereas ethics is the test of our morals i.e; the way we respond in different situations according to its intensity. For example, helping others can be considered as a moral whereas attending the persons seeking help irrespective of the external conditions expect that of right or wrong is ethics. These can be implied to our social lives as well as our work lives. Ethics tell us about our moral duties and obligations so that our behaviour at work or at home is right and truthful. Ethics are a set of standards and rules that are required by an individual for leading a satisfactory family life and work life as well. Therefore, we require a set of ethics at home as well as at our workplace. One can exhibit his/her ethical values through the following qualities.

Sincerity and honesty
Regularity and punctuality
Self- respect and respect for others
Respect for work and time

The above stated qualities aren't the sole qualities of an ethical person. But exhibiting those qualities make a person gain respect in the society. Suppose let us take the example of morals and ethics in our personal life. Being loyal to a friend or life partner or family is so essential to maintain our relationships better. Trust is the basic value of a relationship and it should be maintained and shouldn't be broken because trust once broken is broken forever. Now-a-days ethics towards relationships are being so weak because of the hi-fi culture and easy go attitude of people. People are taking relationships just as a time pass and not as a responsibility. The attitude and mind set of people has changed vastly from ancient days. As a result we are seeing many cheating and divorce cases filed every day. Now let us consider the ethics and morals in office or work life. The employees should be loyal to their work and the boss and do work accordingly to make their organization earn profits and reputation. Even in businesses partners shouldn't cheat upon each other as it affects the business as a whole. These are the minimum ethics that should be followed in impersonal life. But are these being followed exactly as the way they have to be??? The answer would be a big NO. If these are being followed clearly there won't be any suspensions of employees or the cheating cases filed upon business partners.

We can give more and more examples for ethics and morals to be followed in everyday life. As the society is lacking these values in the current situation there is a need to teach these values to the next generation. Government should take necessary steps to make sure that ethics and morals are taught to the school children by imparting them in their curriculum. It doesn't mean that ethics and morals can be learnt through a stipulated syllabus. But having them as a part of syllabus makes the children at least aware of them. Children do get the knowledge of deciding what is right and what is wrong by doing so. Thus they will be able to build their future better and make the future of the nation good as a whole in the coming days.

Sree Kavya Vallabhaneni

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