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Moral and Ethics in Everyday Life.

In the face of corruption there has been a widespread talk about morals and ethics, not only corruption, gender discrimination, women harassment have too raised the issue, has ethics ever existed in our society? Why in the first place we need morals and ethics? Actually morals and ethics were never needed, but to uphold the righteousness and ensure there is peace, it was always essential to have morals and ethics in our so called society.

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What exactly are morals? Morals are the principles; they are the principles of right and wrong. Something that is right, right for the people and society in which they interact is all about being moral whereas, the ethics are the rules that ensure the existence of morals. Ethics are the right way of doing the work, and together morals and ethics are the pillars of survival of any civilization. They are the bearers of trust, the trust among the people which is essential for peaceful existence.

Let us imagine for a moment that there is no morality. That means that any one is free to steal, kill other person, fight and cause harm to any other person. So this means that there would be no peace. And no peace infers to the decay and destruction of society as a whole. So morality and ethics have become a pressing issue today. This has become more important in this current era, where the person today believes nothing is more important than the greed for self. From the primary education to the degree today can be earned through money. This shows how corruption has consumed our lives. Everything we want in a moment, this has further aggravated the corruption.

Morals and ethics are interrelated. They are not something which a government can enforce on individuals. They go in conjunction, that is both government and society have impact on ethics and morals. Consider an example of having clean and neat surroundings. This is in light of Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan. Can really cleanliness be imposed? I believe no, cleanliness and keeping surroundings neat cannot be imposed, in spite it being a moral obligation of every citizen. But there exists one truth; if you provide the citizens the proper pathway for disposal they would definitely follow that. This is especially evident in cities like Mysore and Navi Mumbai where provision of dustbins at streets have made the citizens to dispose in dustbins rather than opting for throwing on streets. So, it was essential in place that government provides an active support and morals and ethics would definitely be imbibed in the people.

Morals are the pathway for peace and ethics gives the guidelines to implement the morals. More broadly speaking, today we are consumed by the ways the western countries follow. We copy them to our modest. We believe seeing things their way, we have broadened our vision towards the world, but in the process we have narrowed our mind. While going out to mall, I have seen people throwing the paper, plastic and empty food packets that were lying in their car and driving away. This is the situation of literate people who are narrowed by their senses.

Morals are nothing that we need to be taught of or we need to learn. They are the basic essence of life that speaks of our obligation towards humanity. What is the purpose of being a human but not being human in real terms? We are moreover consumed by ignorance and arrogance despite our history speaks about the Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram. Today in this world of rat race we have forgotten ourselves to such an extent that, even if we see someone falling at roadside, we would not even bother to think to help.

Closing down, morals and ethics are integral part of life; imagine you going to the theatre and everyone fighting for tickets. Thus we to an extent in our life still follow morals to live collectively in society. Morals and ethics are something that cannot be enforced but could be imbibed by society and government together.

Raghuram Raju Bachu

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