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After one year of the Nirbhaya Incident of Dec 2012 has anything changed for women in India.

THE PROTEST and then one more rape and the cycle go on... Every time after every incident, people start feeling the nerves, doing protests, abusing national security, blaming administration, lighting candles and then gradually the level of protest slows down and everyone goes back to their work. After that the virtual figure named "Nirbhaya" diminishes from every one's mind and everything goes back to normal. Till the morning news paper or the evening news channel again reveals one more incidence and the loop continues.

It has been more than 67 years of independence and though we claim that India is moving ahead but still women has no independence to go alone. Society is more judgemental about girl's movement. She is always been criticised about what she wears, how she behaves, with whom she roams around. Our society keeps talking about curtailing her freedom and frowns at her outgoing nature. One day when she encounters a rape, she is the one who is to be blamed.

The word rape has become a glamorous word in the minds ofthe criminals. Even they know it will not only ruin the girl's life but also affect her entire family, they keep on committing the crime and there seem to be no respite from it. Even one year after the Nirbhaya incident little has changed for women in India.

According to one news report from the national capital, it was found that after Nirbhaya's case 1121 rape cases were registered till September 2013, considered to be the highest in last 13 years. Another report says that the number of rapes after Nirbhaya's incident in Delhi has doubled. It seems like rapists are trying to set a world record.

As per the above statistics it is for sure the number of rapes has increased so it can be inferred that nothing has changed after that brutal incident that left the entire nation in grief and anger.

Parents are now more scared than ever about sending their daughters out for studies, jobs etc as they know that there is no control on them once they are out it may be trouble. Actually things have changed for worst for women after that incidence as it has badly affected women's confidence level.

Good things are never late to happen. Quick punishments can definitely decrease the percentage of the crime against women. One thing which changed for better is the fast track courts which gave death sentences to 4 rapists and 3 years imprisonment to the juvenile.

Since then changes are happening every day to provide more security to women. However there is a lot of scope to do more. As already initiated by many NGOs there should be several helpline numbers and the councillors should be easily approachable.

Courts should not consider any bail for the rapists once proved guilty. Punishments should be deterrent so that no one can think of doing such criminal activity.

In order to empower women we need to spread more awareness through education about the women's rights and laws about crimes against women.

Parul Sharma