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After one year of the Nirbhaya Incident of Dec 2012 has anything changed for women in India.

Indian history upholds women in high esteem and worship females as goddess. She is an idol of patience and purity in our Vedas and in its slokas. However, when it comes to reality there is a question mark?

Why women are exploited beyond the contours of respect and affection. She is a daughter, sister, wife and mother; still she gets a shabby treatment. One wonders what she has done to get such treatment. What is wrong in her?

While country is progressing on several fronts, it's unable to eradicate social evils like rape and abuse of women. This is a shame to every Indian that women in India are being denied dignified life and status.

Though many have came out to fight for justice for "Nirbhaya," the real change however is yet to surface in our society.

After a year to that event, still rape cases have been hitting the headlines in the newspapers. So where is the change for women in our country?

After 'Nirbhaya's case' certain measures has been taken for the protection of women but that is not enough. There is lot more to be achieved then punishing the culprits. We have to develop zero level toleration against those committing crime against women.

No doubt it's a long journey but it has to begin with change in social values. Until and unless change in the thought process of men towards opposite sex does not happen, it's very difficult to control the crime against women.

March 8th is "Women's day;" it is hoped that the as Indians we should take pledge on this day for the safety and protection of all the women in our country. If this happens it will give new meaning to this day and make it more worthy.

As Indians we must socially evolve as we are evolving in other spheres of activity. The meaning of being women has to be understood by the entire society. We should stand up against their exploitation. We should raise our voices against their injustices.

Let's not allow anymore Nirbhaya's to happen again. 'Join minds in a single thought and single action to make India safe for the women of this country.