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Pocket Money, Should Parents develop this habit at the tender age?

Pocket money these days has become so common in every child's life that mostly they do not have to ask for it before they were given. An individual's life is always shaped by the way they are nurtured in their childhood. And giving pocket money is also a way of developing a child's habit (nurturing) by their parents and it plays a very important role in moulding their future.

Before going into major details, just realize the attitudinal differences in a man in his twenties or a teenager and compare them to the similar age category of individuals a decade back. One would find some glowing contrasts between them. Now what are the main reasons for such differences in behaviour? Why so much ignorance and irresponsibility in today's individuals? Obviously pocket money is not a sole reason for these, but yes it plays a very important part. There is nothing in this world that is totally encapsulated with goodness, some traces of harshness has to be there so it is with pocket money too.

And thus when it goes to parents who support giving pocket money comes up with so many positive aspects. Likewise, 1.It helps a child to learn about saving at a very tender age. 2. develops a feeling of responsibility in them while spending money. 3. Helps in the development of character. 4. They learn to manage their budget and so on. And when it comes to parents who are a bit pessimistic about giving pocket money may come up with some valid ideas like, 1.Child may develop bad habits. 2. May fail to understand the value of money. 3. At times may become less accountable. 4. They may become less dependent and caring to their parents and it goes on. These above points are just an epitome about the pros and cons of pocket money. But the ultimate concept of upbringing a child with the habit of giving regular money is mighty.

All parents are inclined for the welfare of their children ousting the negative aspects in their mind with positivity, most of the times. For instance when a child asks for pocket money for the first time, the parents while giving are well aware of the negative consequences but at that point they starts thinking their child can manage. But ultimately in most of the cases the expectations are shattered. Pocket money is an indirect way of giving more freedom to a child. And this freedom which at first may be less develops to be excessive, and thus excessive freedom can lead to lack of discipline. Generally children brought up with excessive freedom and lack of discipline grows up not respecting themselves, their parents and the society and has a hard time in accepting responsibility.

Everything in life is like a food chain, thoroughly interconnected, thus a simple habit of giving pocket money can lead to the development of several good habits in a child if taken in a positive way or vice versa. But the ultimate question again arises whether parents should develop this habit of giving pocket money or not? According to me the most profound answer is, 'It is not a necessity' to give money at such a tender age. A child can learn about handling money and other positive aspects (as all parents wants them to), in other ways by just observing their parents. And when it comes to freedom on handling pocket money, he or she may develop bad habits just because of lack of maturity and understanding. And that is a full wastage of freedom.

It is always a responsibility or some may call a necessity of parents to develop certain good qualities in their children through them. And that is what will leave an immutable effect on them. Rather than giving enough baseless freedom, as providing them with pocket money to use it in a world in respect of their sole wishes where they may fall in prey just for this particular reason. After all giving pocket money or developing other unnecessary habits at a very early age of a child is not more important than moulding the integrity, morality and character in him.

The whole concept may be intercepted in different ways, but the final product always lays in the development of goodness in a child when he grows up.

Tanumoy Mondal

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