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Pocket Money, Should Parents develop this habit at the tender age?

Actually, some people think that giving money at a tender age will make the child mature but some people think the other way around. Will anyone ever believe, if I say a baby starts walking two minutes after it's given birth? No right, then how can anyone expect an immature child to become mature by the use of money? When he/she does not even know the meaning of life. Now, about those people who think that a child will spoil if you give him/her money, not just at tender age but at any age, I want to say that a child never spoils by himself/herself until there is someone spoiling them. I, must say that now a day's parents does not have time to talk to their children, heck they does not have the time to spare a glance at their children, I guess this is nuclear family, huh? They cannot spare a glance at their children, but they can give them money, are they trying to buy their own children?

Nuclear family is a trend now-a-days, people have every right to become a nuclear family, no one is stopping them from becoming one, but this does not means that a person must forget that they have children to think of. Parents do not even spend some time with their children like they should, because they are busy. So, as a repayment they give their child pocket-money, but do they know what their children really crave for? Children crave for love. They want to be loved; they want someone whom they can really trust. It's not money it can never be money. Money can fulfil their every need but can money give them love, which they truly wish for?

People think that a person going through puberty is mature enough to handle themselves, but it's not really true. Teenage is also a tender age. At this age a person comes to know the real difference between good and bad. We all know that this period of their age is adolescent, and this period is the most important period of their life span. In this period they get to choose which path they what to follow, the good one or the bad one. This period is very stressing too, many commits suicide at this period of age. If by any chance they take the wrong path parents never blame themselves for it, rather they blame their children's friends, and it's very unreasonable because they are the parents of their child, not the other way around, they should have shown their child the right path not his/her friends, and every friend does not shows the right path, who do are the exceptions. So, parents from nuclear family or not are strongly suggested that if they want their child to be happy then they must spend some quality time with their child, try to understand them, make them understand which path will be good for them, and if they want to give them pocket money then firstly, make them understand how to utilize it in a good way. But firstly, parents must understand that they are the grown-ups and mature enough to understand what life really means, small children, and teenagers are not that mature.

Parents must try to become their child's best friend and try to gain their trust, because every person wants someone with whom they can share their secrets, and they share their secrets with only that particular person because they feel secure with that person. So, parents must make their child feel safe with them and mostly parents must try to make their teen child feel free and safe with them because they are going through adolescent, and it is the most important period of life. Parents must not be too strict with teenagers as it is also the most emotional stage of life; it is other thing that I don't become emotional very quickly even though I am a teenager. Parents must remember that money can buy anything but not love, and surely not trust too. So try to gain their trust by loving them even though it's obvious that every parents love their children unconditionally,
but important things must be told first.

It's up to the parents if they want to give their child pocket-money or not, but they must make their child understand the merits and demerits of money, and they must ensure that their child uses this money in a good way. "Money has never made man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has, the more one wants." -- Benjamin Franklin said.

Bipasha Malakar

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