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Pocket Money, Should Parents develop this habit at the tender age?

"POCKET MONEY"! Talk about the pocket money and I am instantly thwarted back into the memories of my childhood days when it seemed so incredible a moment to be receiving my monthly allowance and the way I would go all barmy over the ninth cloud. It meant a lot to me, for this served as an all-purpose allowance. I could purchase my much needed stickers, greeting cards, scented candles and so and so, without really having to trouble my parents to buy me little stuffs such as these. It made me feel like I could take charge of myself in some ways and that I grew wiser, in that tender age, when I spent my money only as much as I needed, not as much as I wanted and rest, I would save them for my future Nail paints or Tinkle comics or birthday presents for my siblings or those baby pink cotton candies...

So without much further ado, I affirm my nitty-gritty point that I think parents should definitely allow their kids the pocket-money. It is totally healthy to indulge in providing money for minor expenses to your children unless, of course, you provide the plethora of it after being captivated by the over-cuteness of your kids! You will definitely spoil them.

Providing children their monthly allowances, is a good thing because---

Firstly, it makes your children happy and there are no parents in the world who wouldn't like to see the gleaming-blinking-eyes of their children when they are extremely happy.

Secondly, because pocket -money idea can boost your children's creativity. Meaning, they would employ their little brains as much as into creating good Do-It- Yourself stuffs for themselves which they had in their minds for month -long period and that would eventually leave you admiring your kids more than ever. Like my little brother, he is a die-hard fan of crayons .Out of his pocket money, he would buy them and make lots of cards for family and relatives on the occasions of Christmas, New year, Birthdays and what not...

Thirdly, because once you provide them pocket-money, they are naturally bestowed with the Decision-Making-Ability at a tender age .They decisively divide their categorical thoughts and ideas to what and how much to buy.

Fourthly, they become wiser at a tender , young age as they learn the fact that money is a hard-earned element and hence it needs to be valued and that, it can buy almost anything but not the happiness, for their ultimate happiness lies in having a motorbike like their big brother's or a real spaceship!! Awfully, their pocket allowance can't meet the demand. It has to wait a little more till they grow big and have access to bigger pocket allowance.

Fifthly, they grow patient. They quietly wait up, collecting penny after penny until it gets bigger with the next month's allowance. "Little drops of water, makes the mighty ocean".

Thus, it can be justly put forth that pocket-money for your children is worth considering as it somehow teaches your children the life's lessons little by little. Not considering it, might prove fatal, that is, for an instance if the children are not allowed pocket-money, they can turn towards burglary. Due to their discontented and unhappy hormones, they could turn into little thieves. Now, the idea of stealing is not good at all. Is it? This petty stealing habit of the children cannot be let as the basis of their individuality, for this will only exaggerate over time. Each time, they summon up bravery to endeavor thievery, they grow more and more fearless in doing the same. As a whole, their individuality, sanctity of heart is tarnished and destroyed.

Therefore parents should take care that they let their children flourish with happiness and ideas, that they breathe the air of freedom and that they practice being kind and courageous .Parents must always be by their children's side so that when they fall they have you to lean on to. Trust your children. Make necessary resources available in venture to mould them into good human beings.

Specifically stating, nonetheless we know sugar leads to cavity of teeth, you still give your children ice-creams of their favorite flavors so as to bring the priceless smile on their faces. After all, a little of something is not too bad! But the question here arises, why can't you provide them with their own petty cash?! Let them take control of themselves, let them be independent for small things, let you trust them and thereby, let you bring out the best sensible selves of them. But be sure to be close around them. They just might need you!

Vimi Mihu

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