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The Role of National Tiger conservation Authority.

Today we are living in twenty one century and it�s our duty to safe the animal and birds in our country. In India, there are various species of animals and birds available and government or civilians have duty of save them to get clear environment and ecological balance. Government of India established many zoo, reserve for animal and birds to live and safe from society and humanity. There are 44 something tiger reserve available in India. It�s providing the conservation to Tiger and other animal and birds. Sanjay - dubri Tiger Reserve, Satpura national park Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Dudhwa national park. Sunder bans�.etc. These are play very important role in the life of animals. Here we need to understand that what is need to established the Park, zoo, reserve and sanctuary. Why the government established the Forest Department. Which maintain these park, reserve and zoo.
Today the Government facing lack of land to establish the more park and zoo. Because everybody knows India is fastest growing country and also increasing in the population. This is not a good for the animals. That�s why the National Tiger conservation authority and wildlife institute of India provide the services and care of animal in park, zoo, reserve and sanctuary. Today time, the lack of forest and various species of animal are in danger. Because no any place left to survive on life easily accept only in the forest and Government parks, zoo, sanctuary and reserve. Because animal are facing various problems, they have danger with the natural disaster and human attack. Some rich family trying to hunting the animal and tiger is the most of them.
It play very important role in the life of animal and human. It provided the conservation to the forest animal and human society also. And it�s prevent misuse of animal by human. India many people connecting with the animal trafficking and they use to import and export their skin to make the some commodities to their conveniences. To safe animal by human misuse and trafficking government established this tiger conservation authority under the wildlife protection Act 1972, in the amendment of 2006 and function under ministry of environment, forests and climate change. If we talking about the tigers number in India only 1411 available in 2006 by the department but after the national tiger reserve, the numbers of tiger has been increased 2226 tiger counted in 2014.
Role and function of the National tiger conservation authority.
It's come under the wildlife Protection Act 1972 which provide the strength to NTCA.

  • State government have right to approves the reserve specific location in state. Maintain ecosystem and prevent mining, industry and other projects within the tiger reserve.
  • Compliance of standard for tourism activities and guidelines.
  • Disclosure the information on future conservation plan , estimation of population of tiger and its natural prey species, status of habitats, disease surveillance, mortality survey, patrolling.
  • Provide critical support including scientific, information technology and legal support for better implement of the tiger conservation plan.
  • Perform such other function as may be necessary to carry out the purpose of wildlife (protection) Act, 1972 with regard to conservation of tigers and their habitat.

National tiger conservation and public also take step to save the tiger and stop and prevent the poaching by human and illegal trafficking Group.
If we judged national tiger reserve successful working and better providing the service toward the Tiger safety and we got the positive result in number of tigers.


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