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The Role of National Tiger conservation Authority.

India holds about 60% of the total tiger population in the world with 2226 of 3900 approx. The world saw a rapid decline of this big cat over the past 100 years when the population was about over one lakh. As for now in India there is also a matter of sentimental pride as it is at present not only a home to the largest number of tigers but is also acclaimed in increasing their population over the past ten years through momentous conservation program. And in one way the credit goes to the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) under the Ministry of Environment and Forests.

In India there was a major dip in tiger population at the beginning of the 21st century. It was then the Tiger Task Force recommended for the creation of a statutory body NTCA. Hence it was established in 2005 by the prime minister to look after the tiger reserves in India and that of the Project Tiger. Under the amendment of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 in 2006, NTCA was thoroughly encapsulated for the proper implementation of its duties towards project tiger and protection of other endangered tigers. It was showered with all the powers towards the protection of this iconic species.

The first detailed tiger program was started in the early 1970s with a few other programs launched under it thereafter, without any effective result. A detailed survey done in 2007 showed that the number of tigers left in India was only 1411. It is when the National Tiger Conservation Authority played it�s part to bring down the tiger mortality rate. Which is evident from the result of tiger population which rose emphatically by about 65% to 2226.

The duties that it adhered are impressive as laid down by the government.

  1. It has the power to enact rules, regulations, guidelines and supported principles to facilitate the growth of tiger population throughout the country regardless of its ideologies confined to any sanctuaries or national parks.
  2. It emphasizes on the future planning of the tiger conservation measures by providing all necessary details including protection, mortality rate, detailed approach to diseases and all other aspects it seems fit towards the protection of tigers.
  3. The major role it plays is encouraging the states and adjoining areas to take pragmatic steps towards tiger conservation. Thus it seeks the coordination of everyone in the country towards the program even through eco-tourism and eco-development activities.
  4. NTCA gives a very fair and optimistic opportunity to every people in the country to come up with ideas regarding tiger conservation and information.
  5. They also prepare an annual report on tigers and table it in the parliament.

National Tiger Conservation Authority is a very important office under the government which not only seeks necessity to tiger conservation but also development of the personnel and that of the forest operations too at the same time. It also provides certain principles towards the minimization of conflicts between humans and animals (especially tigers) in both core and buffer areas. It also safeguards the interests of the people through agriculture and job opportunities using modern methods to problems.
In addition to the enthusiastic and exceptional work of the NTCA it is very necessary that every citizen in the country works toward the same perspective goal alike NTCA to achieve a result which will be much more impressive than at present. After all the severe conditions of tigers and other animals is just a by-product of human activities.

Tanumoy Mondal

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