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Telangana the northern part of current Andhra Pradesh comprises of ten districts. Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh is one of the most sensitive issues taken by the Central Government in the current decade. There can be two points of view that are allowing bifurcation and formation of Telangana and other having a United Andhra Pradesh. In reality, both of the views are right at their own behest. Recently, Government has passed the resolution for creation of Telangana. There is huge ambiguity associated with each of these view regarding which one is justified.

We can understand this ambiguity by considering both cases. Let us consider the reason and necessity for creation of Telangana. It is often said that managing something large is difficult than managing something small. It is basically, Andhra Pradesh being bigger state it is difficult to manage so instead divide and manage and thereby address problems of people in an efficient way. This was the main reason behind the creation of Jharkhand and Uttrakhand. Telangana region generates 45% of the total state income and during allocation and utilisation of funds Telangana receives mere 28%.

Telangana region is backward compared to several districts of successor state SeemaAndhra. Further the major rivers the Krishna and Tungabhadra enter Andhra Pradesh through Mahaboobnagar of Telangana region. Despite of that the region remains worst hit by drought due to various pending projects as most of the water is allowed to flow for irrigation of farmlands in SeemaAndhra region. Apart from these reasons there exists a considerable cultural difference. These are just the few reasons why it was inevitable for formation of Telangana state.

Now let us understand why having United Andhra Pradesh was essential. First reason is that there is a greater conflict over authority of Hyderabad. Hyderabad being the cosmopolitan and IT hub is the major driver of economy of Andhra Pradesh. Now consider that we have Hyderabad as a part of Telangana so in the SeemaAndhra region there is need to rebuild the IT infrastructure since that being the major source of income for the state. But recent recession and slowdown has already saturated the IT industry, so there is no much scope for developing IT facilities as surely industry and corporate would not move out of Hyderabad. So again this becomes a hindrance for the development of SeemaAndhra region. But in reality bifurcation of state further raises the question, is it worth? Creation of newer state means replication of existing institutions , Government assembly, headquarters, high courts and many others, so instead why not use this special package for development of backward regions in Telangana and carry out new projects, rather than merely replicating the institutes and hurting the already recession prone economy.

Both of these viewpoints make sense and appear to be justifiable but in reality only one is possible. It is understandable fact that choosing one is like hurting other. The Government can follow the middle path instead of moving on biases and prejudices. Instead Government should have delayed the process of creation till the completion of 2014 elections and then should have conducted state wide debate to analyse about how the bifurcation could have its implications on the life of people of both regions. By choosing the middle path it would have been possible for Government to agree demands of one side and solve the objections raised by other. The final decision should have been taken on the basis of the fact that, whether it leads to the benefit of majority, since federal democratic units are for betterment of the people.

Rather than having bifurcation, why not make the region of Telangana autonomous, with greater subsidies and have its development under the watch of Central Government, wherein fair share of resources would be shared by both the regions for their development. This is essential because, there is a saying that "United we are strong, divided we fall". The same quote applies for our Indian democracy that is because; this bifurcation will lead to or trigger a wave of division of states throughout the country from Purvanchal in Uttar Pradesh, Gorkhaland in east ,Vidharbha in Maharashtra to Bodoland in Northeast. If this happens no soon India will have US number of states.

Raghuram R Bachu

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