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The formation of Telangana as the 29th state in India has taken the shape of reality amidst protest as the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Bill, 2014 has been passed by the 15th Lok Sabha.

The formation of Telangana has been full of controversies. Indian National Congress(INC) has been accused both by both the Seemandhara and the Telengana people. The Seemandhara region MP's blame the Congress for forming the Telengana state to win 17 seats in 2014 General Elections. The Telangana region MP's blame Congress for delaying the matter from past five years.

It is high time that no new states should be formed just for vote bank, administration purpose or in the name of development and progress. Development need not require the division of a state into smaller states.

Dividing the state in the name of development recalls the example of the Partition of Bengal in1905 by Lord Curzon. The agitation against that decision in 1905 can be compared with the anger among the people of the Andhra region.

The proper path for the Central government over Telangana should have been to focus on uniting the state rather than dividing it. It should not have divide Andhra Pradesh into Seemandhara and Telangana regions. Instead it should have worked development of the people based on their needs.

The formation of Telangana is going to have adverse effect on the tribal people who are living along the border of Seemandhara and Telangana.

Telangana formation is going to displace more that 200,000 people. Relocation of the tribes might lead to their extinction as most of the tribes come under vulnerable range.

There had been protest from the tribal people of Khammam district that they want to be part of Telangana but have been shunted to Seemandhara region.

According to the provisions in the Telangana Bill these tribal people should be relocated to East Godavari and West Godavari region which comes under Seemandhara region. Relocation means loss of livelihood and home which leads to discontentment and misery of the people.

The formation of Telangana will voice the formation of more new states in India such as Gondwana and division of Uttar Pradesh into five states. Further formation of new states means that the hard-work put forth by our forefathers to see a united India will go down the drain.

The political parties have been dividing the states for their political expediency which is completely baseless approach. It looks like "Divide and Rule" policy is back at work. It seems some people are dividing their own country for political gains and to be in power. All they want to do is to create separate electorates by dividing the states to come into power.

At the time of independence there were only 16 states and 6 union territories now at present there are 29 states and 7 union territories. Where it should stop no one knows.

There should not be any further division of our country for administrative purposes or in the name of development and progress. We all should live in a unified India with its "unity in diversity."

Rashi Rastogi

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