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For any developing country one of the important wings is EDUCATION. Education is always changed for betterment. From ancient times to medieval age and still in modern times education has become a variable.

In ancient time pupil were sent to four asarams where they were taught the way to live the life. Education is the medium through which a person is taught to live his /her life. But in modern times there is certain degradation in education system in India.

Today education has just become a tagline. Although many policies came but they proved to be quiet unsatisfactory. Just making the policy is not the mere solution, there need to have a proper implementation of all such policy.

India is changing so is the Indians and so is the world. Competition has increased. And so Education proved to be an important weapon for this change. Even Nelson Mandela has said "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". But it is very important that this change is towards the positive direction.

One of the drawbacks of Indian Education system is lack of practical approach. In India Theoretical approach is given more importance and marks system plays a very important role.

It is important to understand that in life theories, formulas has no role they prove to be useless. When our Prime minister talks about "MAKE IN INDIA" he meant skill and skill is generated through practical study.

Education is itself a life and it must be imparted in such a way that it proved to be useful in a long run. As according to Aristotle "The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet." In Developed countries small children are taught to use computer and smart classes are very common in government schools. The government schools in India are just opposite.

Having qualified teachers is a big task. Children are not provided even the basic facilities. Children belonging to financially weaker sections suffer a lot. Smart classes are rarely found in private school.

Now a day Education means "sakchar" that is to know how to read and write, not on being literate in real sense. It is important to know as what Education is all about.

King Akbar, he ascended to the throne at the age of 13 years, he didn't know how to read and write but still he was an able administrator. His policies and thoughts were well implemented. Moreover he was a secular ruler.

On the other hand Muhammad Bin Tughlaq one of the most learned king who writes poetry and was able to read and write was never termed as an able administrator as he was not able to implement his policies. He was very poor in his practical approach.

Now the question is whom we would call as being educated in real sense? And Indian schools and colleges produce more Muhammad Bin Tughlaq than Akbar. Schools have become a commercialised institution where children are trained to be Muhammad Bin Tughlaq.

Personality is reflected by the Education. Even Vivekanand has said "Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man." A good education builds a good personality. Most of the students in India are afraid of interview this is due to lack of confidence. Education is itself a confidence booster but due to the increase in book worm habit this is sometimes backfired.

Each and every child is gifted with different talent and schools which are termed as temple of learning is intrusted with the responsibility to shape their talent in a positive direction.

Moreover everyone should get equal opportunities. One of the loopholes in Indian Education system is reservation. Youngsters are backbone of their countries. In western countries like U.S.A, U.K our Indian young minds are deeply involved. Our young talents are working for them.

The question is why? Answer is quiet easy yet it is difficult to understand. Students are clueless as why they need to suffer because a student has no caste and religion. They work hard just to strive for better future and serve for nation.

From childhood we are taught to carry heavy bags to school in order to reach our goal but schools have somehow forgotten that they too are entrusted with the responsibility to help us in order to reach our dreams.

Education is "Enlightenment". But it has become a medium to earn more money. But with this mentality it is very difficult to taste success. Education is that light which helps each and every individual to get out from the dark. One needs to understand its importance and used it as a medium to earn but more than money is the true knowledge. Thus Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.

-Twinkle Singh

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