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India is a rapidly developing country which needs a change in all its systems and sectors mainly the education system for its betterment in a long run which needs priority investments and concessions.

The education system plays a major role in structuring the future generation of India whilst still a vast majority of people believe change as a 'strange' phenomenon consequently refusing to accept a mentality of thinking ahead. This seriously affects economic growth, decreases competitiveness and increases unemployment.

Recent studies suggest that there has been drastic improvement in the economic system in countries which chose to improve its educational systems.

As a matter of fact, the following has to be viewed upon for the upliftment of existing education system in India:

  1. The central government' s current plans for higher education sector is inadequate and has to be overcome by renovation at grass root level for achievement of basic primary education for all in all parts of the country including backward groups by actively involving the government, politicians (e.g. council members) and other NGO' s aimed at the parents, teachers and students.
  2. Reward creativity, thinking, research, young achievements and innovations by students which can possibly uplift the educational setup.
  3. There is a shortage in high quality faculty which is a most serious challenge to overcome. Young generations are being educated by older generation which tends to create a generation gap that affects thinking. This gap between the teacher and student has to be diminished yet preserving ethical values. This can be done by improving the view of education providers and training its whole lot to acknowledge transformation. The performance of a teacher should be evaluated not only inside classrooms but also by the world so that a better teacher can become more popular and provide knowledge for more number of students. Attracting top faculties from abroad is also useful.
  4. Relying on modern technology by embracing ' internet' isation in its proper way which would reach remote villages and make access to knowledge easier.
  5. Improving outlook of education through general and social media by providing training on how to make good use of social media as more people are into social media these days.
  6. Concentrating on important issues than on the least and to bring out mature ideas by shifting from a constrained resource mindset to feeding unconstrained ambitions. It requires changes in the social goals, objectives and values which directly affect the education system and social interaction.
  7. To check acute skill shortage arising due to educational deficiencies by improving higher education including vocational training.
  8. Keep reservations out of education system by rationalization to build a strong educational base. Recruitment of students and faculty nationally and worldwide based on their knowledge by competition and merit rather than by their religion or economy or other means will make a change in bringing up real talented citizens to India.
  9. Diminish high profiting from education by private institutions and other agencies and promoting genuine autonomy to make independent decisions.
  10. Mobility of students and faculty nation and worldwide not only to procure education but also to acquire new friendship and cultural values which has been followed by eminent people of our country such as M. K. Gandhi and Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

In a globally hyper-competitive world, education is a significant portion without which sustenance would become impossible in the future. Hence in order to increase competitiveness, employment and skills for transforming India, education system is inevitable. India has to setup 20% of the world top universities in order to become affluent in the next 30 years which means India has to create 100 world class universities enrolling about 20,000 to 30,000 students. If this can be done, there is no doubt that we shall soon be able to create a new educational system and a new society.

-Rubbayya. K Mohammed

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