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Transformational India is a crucial concept as the term is not uniform to all the groups of the society. India as a developing country has all groups of people starting from the one living below poverty line to the great capitalists.

But to justify the word, Transformational India can be defined as that state of the country, when it seeks to improve the standard of living for the poorest of the people, imparting education to each and every one of the country, making India independent in every aspect, starting from production to technology and also making it a better place for investors to invest and above all a good governance to supervise everything.

Now to attain the goals, Transformational India needs more "skilled" person then mere "degree holders". As it is obvious that the real life works experiences are way too different than the course book contents and one is able to master those only by working for some years in the field of one's expertise. So the time has come, when the course contents of the subjects not only includes the theoretical knowledge, but also the practical knowledge.

If we take a single sector say engineering for example, every year more than 1.5 million students graduate but the employment scenario is pathetic. Even if there are some vacancies for a particular domain specific jobs, the recruiter most of the time asks for experience.

The question here is that isn't the experience gained from the 4 long years of education not enough to serve for a particular position which resembles to one of the subjects, he/she has studied in the bachelor/master level? How could we change this?

There must be a change in the current education system to deal with these scenarios. If along with the theoretical courses one or two courses with the help of an industry tie up is introduced so that the students get the practical experience on what the industry desires, then it will no longer be a hurdle for them to impart the acquainted knowledge for greater good of the society and add advantage to the transformational India to fulfill its goals such as "Make in India".

As in the above, only higher education scenario is discussed, it shouldn't be misjudged that primary and secondary educations are on defined tracks. Current education system, no doubt is able to increase the literacy rate and to some extent it has succeeded to include the poor class of the society in the stream.

But are we able to deliver the behavioral knowledge to the students? Are we building physically and mentally strong human beings? Are we giving priorities to innovation and innovative minds?

Primary and secondary stages are the brain development stage of the students. So our education system should in their curriculum include some innovation related classes open to all students, so that young minds are free to share all their innovative thoughts.

These may come up to be some vogues ideas but definitely some constructive ones will also come from someone.
Moreover physical activities such as martial arts should be included as one of the compulsory subjects in school level.

The time has come when the education imparted should not only be aimed at producing knowledgeable people, but also to educate them to become the manpower in the transformational India.

-Swaswati Goswami

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