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India is a hinterland country. As a result, it is covered by water by three sides of its landmass. At the same time, water scarcity and draught like situation has become quite common phenomenon during the prevalent summer season in the country. So, the country by making a proper policy of water harvesting TOPIC and water management needs to overcome the water scarcity and in the long run avoid the draught situation in the country.

Since independence of our country from British imperialism our landmass has almost remained the same but what has changed is the population to a burgeoning level. More population for a country means more demand for basic necessities of life including water. Moreover more demand for water by the masses means more stress on water resources like river ponds, wells, tube-wells etc. leading to water scarcity culminating into draught situation in the country.

Now the million-dollar question for us, Indians is to ponder about the remedies to handle water scarcity and as a result avoid draught situation in the country. Here are some suggestions in this regard:-

Firstly, we in order to provide relief to our water resources vis-a-vis prevent the lowering of water-table in the country we need not only need to use water, but rather we need to reuse it. In this endeavour, we need to stress on rain water harvesting and thereby create an environment to dig canals, ponds etc. and store and reuse rain-water for further needs.

Secondly, once born life never stops till death. Similarly water, the pivot on which life revolves, also does not stop flowing once entering the earth's surface. As a result, our government of India should make herculean efforts to tap and store flowing ground water by proper storage mechanism thereby wiping of draught like situation in the country.

Thirdly, water mainly under-ground water-table's detoriation or in other words lowering of water table can be stopped by following the motto 'water saved is water produced'. Here I would like to state that, for larger interest of the society we the common masses should try to make economical use of water by not misusing water for larger national interest.

Fourthly, water is a basic necessity of life. So, we need to regroup ourselves in water management. In this regard we need to involve both the ruler and the ruled in our efforts of water harvesting and water management. So, the three organs of government namely legislature, judiciary and executive should take path-breaking initiatives in this regard. Initiatives which releases stress on water resources and curb draught in our country. These path-breaking initiatives should include removing hurdles in implementing a proper water policy through steps like cleaning major rivers for use of masses, interlinking of rivers to name a few in this regard.

Fifthly, majority of Indians lives in villages. So Panchayats should also get involved in our endeavour of handling water scarcity vis-a-vis to avoid draught situation in the country. As agriculture is the mainstay of rural India, so we should use drip-irrigation in agriculture to produce maximum yield from agriculture by minimum use of water. Here rural local Panchayats can take path-breaking initiatives in this regard by involving the masses by making water conservation a mass movement in the country.

In conclusion, it can be said that while handling water scarcity thereby avoiding draught situation in the country we need not only need to plan our present water needs but also need to have an eye on the times to come in a populous country like ours. At present we are in a situation where we have water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. This situation is the result of age old lackadaisical attitude towards water management. In a nutshell, we need to put an united effort in this regard so that, we can fight against water scarcity and avoid draught situation in the country lock, stock and barrel.


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