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Function of Family

According to Mac Iver and Page - There are 3 functions of family

  1. Gratification of family
  2. Procreation
  3. provision of economic means (needs)

Functions in General:

  1. Satisfaction of sex urges though the institution of marriage.
  2. Procreation – for psychological satisfaction for having children to succeed them.
  3. Provision of food, clothes and shelter give the diff. of Mac Iver and Page.

Social Functions:

  1. Socialization
  2. Social control

  1. When the child & born he is just a biological entity. His character is moulded his family. He leaning the customs manners etc. Farm is a process of socialization. There is the education function. Family's the 1st school for the child. He 1st school for the child. He 1st learns the long of his family.
  2. Farm is a mechanism of social control farm has particular customs & traditions some rules & regulations & if the child follows there he is praised or punished if he doesn't follow. This gives him an idea of the difference of good & bad. Some times the family removes bad habits & sometimes even bad habits. Extremes control is there in a joint family because there are too many people of higher status (cha-cha, mama etc)

Economic Function

  1. Unit of production & consumption
  2. Division of labour
    1. India is a country of village. In these simple farms there is unit of production like those in agriculture. They produce consumption is in both type of farm. Much as well as joint. According to Anderson each man's a member of family & every man is a consumer.
    2. Labour is divided in the Farms on the basis of age & sex usually the female has the household work & the man the outside work. The head is the oldest in the farm.

Cultural Functions

1st School is the family. He learns the long and customs & traditions of his family. Culture is different. from one family to another. This culture is passed on from one generation to the next generation. To exist in society culture is very important to distinguish the society from another. Culture also provides physical security. The duty of the family is to take care of children who are physical & mentally handicapped. Also the old & ill are too the liability of the families. The general notion is that the young ones take care of the old.

Recreational Function
Family is the centre of recreation in a simple family or for the joint farm in this there are journal relations the that of Bhabi & Dewar etc., When the tired member (usually men) return home these are met with a smile & kindness. This gives them pleasure and makes life easy as well as pleasurable.

Acc. to Beirstead
"Family has functions for both the individual & society" which are related to each other.

Societies Individual
Continuation Life & survival
Sexual control through the inst. Of marriage Sexual opportunity through the inst. of marriage.
Cultural transmission status ascription (one is ascribed to the status of his family) Social identification & socialization.
  1. Family
  2. Types of Family
  3. Modern Family