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Modern Family

(Actually we are supposed to do the pools of the med. Farm). A med. Farm & always a nuclear farm i.e. Mother, Father and children who are unmarried. This is due to industriation & urbanization, it is increasing & developing with these why is it due to industriation. & urbanization. People go to industrial & urban areas for work or so this locates up the patriarchal farm. Everyone seems to want to stay in these areas but the space is less & the rent high. This leads to a two room home & this is one of the problems of med. Farm. In Urban areas there are many facilities like education, water supply electricity & various other things which attracts people. For this they are breaking their joint families & make a nuclear farm. This leads to congestion and the prob. of stability arises (Farm – is a compact close kind group, in general, in which each member's psychologically related. In the patriarchal farm there is a sense of stability because they know they got stay there no matter what, for her parents are not going to accept her for she's married off to that man (In these areas there are job opportunity). But today women feel they are equal partners with equal rights & so they are not going to bear all up silently. 2. Now women too have the right to divorce (1955 marriage act) if he teachers her or does anything disagreeable in the eyes of laws. 3. In 1956 the Hindu succession act gives the girl the right to get an equal share of the parents property this poses danger to the stability of the farm & disintegrates. Problem of maladinstment disciplining the family due to urbanization- & industriation. (This is for equal jobs opportunity).

[Secular Education Parents provides equal education. To both daughter & son. This liberated the women. This was an influence of conization. 2. In this she is no longer afraid that she has nothing to fall back on after the hubby disowns her].

All these were for the good but this had some disadvantages too because families broke up all the more easily. An old custom was to entertain one's guest, this has changed and guests are considered more of a burden. Now people would rather go to others place than entertain people themselves.

Problem of Adjustment (Mal. Adjustment)

  1. Economic independence of women
    Equal opportunity of job to both men & women, she has equal rights. This makes the women feel she is a wage earner than why should she listen to her hubby, instead he should listen to her. This cause conflict because the hobby does not care how much the wife earns but she must obey him because she is an inferior.
  2. Now the children try to get their own by persuading the parent that is most sympathetic on that matter. Now one parent may disagree & this causes conflict because both hubby & wife are important. & so insist on being obeyed or atleast get yes.
  3. Changes in values & attitudes of Farm
    Earlier marriage was in front of a God taking the oath to remain together for this birth & the coming ones. But now you can just go to court on an hour's decision & get married.
  4. Prob. or working Women
    Now people think that if both hubby & wife work they will be happier but the poor wife has to work as well as look after, the house and children. The hubby's ego does not allow him to do all this. This causes unhappiness & ill feeling.
  5. Prob. of Aging Parents
    Earlier it was the function of the family to take care of the dependents (those dependent on them). It was one's duty to take care of the parents. The married son was supposed to care for his aging parents but now this is going. Now the son lives separately. This creates can emotional problem for the old.
  6. Prob. of neglected children
    As both parents work children hardly have any emotional support and there is no one to look after them. The parents are too lived to listen to all their problem. This also results in practical delinquency.
  7. Sex relationship
    In this one's free to have sexual relationship i.e. women too can have extra-marital relationship as the men. This again leads to the breaking up of the family. However this is not very much prevalent in our society i.e in India.
  8. Future of the Farm
    i.e. Is farm disintegrating! The med. Families concept is increasing day –by-day and joint farm's loosing group. Family has changed its farm & structure don't is not disintegrating. There is also a change in the functions of the farm. The concept of religious rituals too is changing. Also the function of providing security is changing (like old part –in old homes etc). Also these days one can't think of having a baby born in the house. It must be in a hospital. Also the family is hardly the 1st school because children when hardly grown are put in schools. But the main function of the farmily which is procreation is restored.
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