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Agricultural Techniques in India and the condition of farmers, Comment.

The father of our nation Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi wisely said that,
"To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is like forgetting ourselves."

His words stand still today what is India if we have no agriculture. Apart from just being a sector in the union budget it is the mother of all employment in our economy. Being one of the fastest growing economies of the world where changes have been so drastic and rapid agricultural practice is one occupation which hasn't changed over the years.

It is said that the pleasure of feeding a hungry person is equivalent to a life worth living and that is the correct explanation for all the sweat, labour and hard work of all the farmers be it a big established farmer who uses all the modern technology to yield fruits from the land or a small framer who is working in his land with a hope that this season he will have enough food for himself and to sell so that he hasn't have to look back the entire year.

India has proudly opened its gates to the world platform. The only thing that is uncertain is change according to the changing economy our country faces the agricultural techniques have also been drastically changed along the years. The Indian government has taken steps to come forward and help the neediest and the most profitable sectors of the Indian economy.

The agricultural technology information centre comes up with distribution of free products, information, and diagnosis of land to several farmers, entrepreneurs, stakeholders to help them diversify the farming practices and lead it into a growth face. From the past few years the organic farming techniques which yields organic food products have taken significant rise, there are new variants entering the wheat department, there has been a significant start to the aromatic rice farming, various pesticides like neem oil EW, water dispersible granules of DDT and many other forms have entered into commercialization which has given rise to this sub segment to. The most significant part of agriculture is water introduction and application of solar water pumps and eco friendly way of pumping water for irrigation is a smart move to conserve the society as well provide with water to farmers.

Sadly today there is a downturn we are facing from the past consecutive years though there are various initiatives and advancement in technologies still agriculture industry is facing a downfall. India is not able to feed its own people due to the rapid increase in the population rate and not to forget history repeats itself India is certainly creating history for the highest number of suicides by farmers.

The change has a dual impact one side it is boosting us up but at the cost of our framers. If we have no occupation that stays connected to the soil what are we going to eat and on what basis or which purpose the entire business activity that defines the growth rate of the economy going to be determined?

It is a question which has to be answered at it certainly needs a effective solution as soon as possible we have our entire nation who is fed by those strong hands that are continuously working in the farm be it sun, rain or windy but they are out there because they know their responsibility but the dilemma here is do we as individuals, do we as a nation, do we as the government know our responsibility. When a farmers attempts a suicide it is not a person who has died out of poverty, he was an integral asset of our country who continusly worked but was not given enough opportunities to prosper.

It is high time where we have to think and be liable to answer those dreamy eyes that always wonder what the harvest of the next season bring to him. Why can't there be a smile on the optimistic Indian farmer's face instead of a frown. Why can't there be hope and wisdom instead of failure why can't there be success instead of giving up on life.

Snehal Adekar

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