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Agricultural Techniques in India and the condition of farmers, Comment.

In olden days, agricultural technique was eco-friendly but didn't yield high crop comparing now. Anyway, that is enough for those people as there was less population. Those farmers are seen as god but now it is in contrast.

Only governments are respecting farmers and that too only for those belong to their state or country. Even, farmer's families don't give respect if they have low income or if their crop failed. Some parents resisting their children in choosing agriculture as their career field due to their disrespectful towards farmers but they don't understand that without farmer, it is impossible to survive in this world. It is horrible to see that even farmer don't prefer to his see his son as farmer due to influence of this society.

Now days, many farmers left their farming work and went to some nearby industries. Also, some committed suicide and the reason is that their crops are failed due to unavailable of water sources. There is another case also that some farmers who have few acres do some research on their own and finding new techniques so that they can achieve maximum crop yield. These farmers arrange private water sources and also earn more. These farmers are selfless as they also publish about their work with no charge. Anyway, some are eco-friendly and some not.

If we focus deeply in it, day by day farmers are discouraging by this helpless society and we can understand that farmer's conditions are based on their experience and also on their determination. However, it shame to see that states of our country act as envy countries for lending their water sources for agriculture.

In India, we are following many modern techniques to increase crop's yields. Either it is eco-friendly or not, we continue giving importance to improve the crop yield as to withstand the increasing population. Therefore, we lost the uniqueness of olden day's agriculture as these modern techniques reduce the strength of the crops and also reduce land's fertility.

Anyway, these farming techniques are necessary as day by day farming lands are converting into apartments and factories. Actually, everything is happening in contrast as for increasing population, we must increase the agricultural land but instead we are decreasing it and that result in using modern techniques without considering whether it is eco-friendly or not. And, these farming techniques give more profit only if we done more investment.

Some of the farming techniques found by farmers on their own researches is spreading in newspaper and in internet for encouraging other farmers to continue it and earn more but we forget that many villages have no internet facilities and many farmers don't know to read. So, the awareness is lacking. Our government should appoint some persons to spread awareness about these profitable techniques to uneducated farmers.

Some are non-eco-friendly but still we continue. We must understand that anything which is non-eco-friendly may be profitable for time being but not ever lasting. It may result in danger in future. Hence, I conclude that it is better to follow profitable eco-friendly farming techniques than anything else for better future.

R. Gokulnath