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Agricultural Techniques in India and the condition of farmers, Comment.

Soil is just a piece of dirt for each fellow on this earth but a means of potentiating for farmers.

India which is land of religions and seen as the diversity of various agricultural origins, modern techniques overcome almost each topsy-turvy in favor of such myths. History is the cousin of myths which has born with the turmoil of time. Perhaps the chief paradox of agricultural abundance is the fact that many of its enormous success is being embedded by basis of emerging challenges. Chief among them is the pressure from growing populations and increasingly wealthy developing country consumes who want higher quality diets. To meet food demand expected by 2050, the sector must boost its capacity significantly in a relating short span of time so that output grows perhaps by 70 %.

The drumbeat of criticism has speeded into consciousness in many cases and created a perception of a food system no longer in high esteem by general public despite the enormous benefits it has delivered overtime. While population is increasing along with growing demand for food by dint of agriculture, new problem have been aroused side by side, and there is overwhelming evidence that global crop productivity have been growing for the past few decades, there is anxiety in many quarters about whether it is on pass to meet these demands for food expected by 2050 as well as the modest needs for additional purposes are ascertained.

Status of Agricultural Techniques in India and development scenario-
Being the backbone for more than 68% of total population in india ,Modern landmarks in agriculture like LEISA (Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture),Organic Farming ,Green Manuring , Propellation of GM ( Genetically Modified ) crops like Tomato, Tobacco, Potato, Soyabean, Canola, Maize and so on has quite a similar contribution towards development. Modern agricultural inputs like zero Till seed drills, Kera and Pora seed sowing methods , Modern Plants , Combined Harvesters , Multiple tines cultivators and many more have came into glance. Also the Green revolution and White revolution has made India self sufficient in meeting today seeds and stand at the apex of production in the world. It is a matter of pride for us that our country stands first in cereals production accounting about 259 million tonnes in 2013-14 from 195 million tonnes in 2007-08. Regarding milk production it is numero-uno in whole world. It is first in banana, grapes and cassava productivity.

Condition of Indian Farmers and remedies-

  • But with greater achievements comes dreadful vagaries. The condition of our Indian farmers has created some sorts of nuisance in path of development. "How sad it is and in which society we are residing where we won't even find our feeders to feed themselves!!!"
  • Farmer's suicide in India is an intentional ending of lives by a passion dependent on their frustration on current governmental policies or other circumstances with which they are unable to cope upon.
  • According to statistical study 2011, NCRB (National Crime Record Bureau) 13,848 farmers have committed suicides which was 22,584 during 2004-05. Being an agrarian economy a farmer in our country due to undulating topography, unscrupulous art of interests charged by moneylenders, faulty govt policies, and erratic behavior of monsoons, is unable to pay his return.
  • To overcome such problems the Agricultural debt and waiver scheme, 2008 should be more strengthened and liberalized. Kisan mandi in existing various states needs to be more standardized. Farmers loan to be given by banks with reasonable rate of interests rather to by lenders. On one hand we keep on saying they are our brothers, "Jai Jawan Jai Kishan". But are reluctant to take steps on their favor. "If the feeders that are the so called foundations will be strong enough, then no doubt entire building would prosper."

Abhisekh Sahu

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