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Should the Government's New Schemes be named in Hindi Only?

Since the settlement over the Indian subcontinent till the age of the globalization, India has been a center for the origin of various languages, some flourished in certain phases some sank down. Schemes which are instruments to make shift towards more prosperity had been promoted, since the past, in different languages depending on what was prevalent in the society, may be in Sanskrit, Prakrit and may be in Hindi or English in the modern age.

Hindi has been associated with a large section of the society, since its origin. It has acted as a unifying factor during freedom struggle and got attached with the glories of various freedom fighters, social reformers as well as other eminent personalities. Promotion of the schemes in Hindi gives an opportunity to the people to give a thought about the forgotten personalities and their work in founding the base for India along with their sacrifices. This in turn leads to the revival of the old culture which has embraced devaluation in technological age.

In a diverse India, most of the population is beyond the pool of the literacy as well as large number of people lives under the burden of poverty. To address such problems ,government launches a large number of welfare schemes .At the same time the fact is that ,benefit of the welfare schemes may be cultivated if these schemes are understood rather just delivering and promotion of such schemes in most spoken language addresses such problems greatly.

In the scenario of interconnectedness where the state employs every possible instrument to cultivate the benefits of interconnectedness. In modern politics, soft power is similar concept. Promotion of the schemes in Hindi would also promote the Hindi which is envisaged by our founders and our constitution on the world stage as the domestic politics is connected with the international politics which in turn would establish the unique and strategic important image of India in the world forums.

Though naming the government schemes in Hindi and its promotion offer large opportunities but these opportunities do not remain unchallenged. India is full of diversity in terms of geography as well as culture where people follow their own customs ,traditions or languages. Naming the schemes in Hindi only may develop a feeling of the master slave mentality among the people as they might see Hindi as the encroachment to their own culture. This development of feeling may produce a cycle of events like it may be given communal colour as Hindi is seen associated with the Hidutava or it may result in separatist activities which directly or indirectly impacts the internal security of the India which would further impact the economic interest of the nation.

India is the largest functional democracy of the world where the diversity has the regenerative space and a balance is maintained to further strengthening the roots of the unifying bond .While naming the schemes in Hindi only may reduce this regenerative space which is not good for large public interest.

In the time of pragmatism, sticking to the ideologies which may not influence the others rather may influence the ideologue if not cultivated properly and may wean away India from embracing the phenomenal changes.

In the changing scenario, balance has got the significance, a Buddhist philosophy, rather than sticking to the extremism and same may be applied in case of naming the government schemes .A harmonious approach which would unite the people at the same time minorities and other section would feel safe shall be adopted which would further produce the dynamo effect in terms of socio-political and economic aspects along with the conservation of spirit of democracy.

Sachin Yadav

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