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Should the Government's New Schemes be named in Hindi Only?

Reciprocating to above Rhetoric absolutely is utterly difficult. Both the answers have their own panoramas and controversy linked with them. With the globalisation at its peak, use of English language across the globe has increased monstrously to secure the jobs in several countries. Moreover, with the inculcation of English language as a compulsory subject in the curriculum of schools and colleges have made people acknowledged about English and its importance. So the experts and people backing them want everything to be in English and so the government's new scheme as well. But what is to be done with globalising the government's new schemes by naming them in English? The thing to be done is how effectively these schemes reaches to beneficiaries and make them feel about its benefits. It is said that-"People will forget what you said, what you did but will never forget what you made them feel." With this psychological fact, many people support the idea of naming the government's new schemes in Hindi only. Subsequently, the question arises in the mind that is that Hindi language only which makes people feel? Or it is so because Hindi is our national language?

Answer to former question is yes! It is so because Hindi is pre dominant in north India plains and central belt where a good percentage of population lives. But the fact that Hindi is our national language is totally wrong. Language was always a sore issue of debate in constituent assembly, with the Hindi speakers insisting it may be made the 'National Language'. Quite simply, it never was-and is not so now. India does not have any national language. It has 22 official languages as per listed in eight schedule of the constitution. In case more affirmation is required, Gujarat high court in 2010 made it clear that India does not have any national language. A PIL signed was by a person, wanting the court to ask the centre to compulsorily tell all the manufactures to print product details in Hindi, as it was our national language. The court rejected his petition adding that Hindi was an official language along with 21 others, and not a national language.

Then the question in the mind arises that why Hindi has gained so popularity? It is because of the fact that Hindi in Devnagari script along with international numerals was decreed as the first official language for the centre. And also stated that for 15 years at least, English would also be used. Another factor of its popularity is unsubtle attempts made by the numerically predominant north Indian political elite. It is often said that the Hindi film industry has established the dominance of Hindi in India, despite resentments and tangled issues about the love for mother tongue. This has created a scenario in the minds of people that Hindi is our national language and there is no hesitation in naming the government's new schemes in Hindi. But what about the non-Hindi speaking population? How will they get acknowledged with the schemes if they do not know Hindi?

Solution to this topic lies in the amendments that were made in official language rules of 1976, which laid down how centre should communicate with different states. So, there is a detailed prescription about how to write to the states in "Region A" (Bihar, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, and Union Territories of Delhi and Andaman and Nicobar Island), "Region B" (Gujarat, Maharashtra and Punjab and the UT's of Chandigarh, Daman and Diu and Dadara and Nagar Haveli), and "Region C" (States and UT's other than all mentioned above). Very similar to this, I would like to say that government's new schemes should be named according to the Regions and the details prescribed in each Region. Moreover, salient features of the scheme should be described in all 22 Official languages as well as in English also. It will be efficient and will make the people feel more intensely. It would be a realistic solution to this issue. It would also help in creating India a more secular nation. It would be a unique example of Unity in Diversity, diverse by names and united by benefits it avails and thus would be able to bring the smiles on billion plus faces!

Kartik Patel

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