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Northeast needs special attention from rest of India, if so why?

“If India was the Jewel in the crown of the British Empire, the remote North East of that country is its hidden jewel”- Tony Howard.

India –a land of cultural diversity where people of different caste, culture, religion, traditions breathe spread their cultures, religious beliefs and enhance the land towards multilingual diversity. The country” India” once called the” Golden Bird” has its shine hidden underneath the ideas of industrialization, growth advancement, rapid development and many more. Materialistic benefits and comforts has led to the rapid surge of developments but in this world of development we find that the country seems to be divided into two parts, one part experiences complete exposure towards development and the other part still does not know what development means.

According to my view, I personally feel that North Eastern part of the country needs special attention in this regard. However it is rich in Biodiversity, Culture, Scenic Beauty, Wildlife, enjoy the view of seven sisters and the flow of river Brahmaputra in the entire state, but yet unexplored ,underdeveloped and left uncared in the bounty’s of nature.

It imbibes within itself places like Nagaland sometimes referred to as “Switzerland of East” enjoys the beauty of different tribes, the exquisitely picturesque landscapes, the vibrantly colourful sunrise and sunset shaped in a view to give calmness and peace to human eyes. Arunachal Pradesh means the “ Land of dawn litting mountains” also known as “ The land of rising sun” is considered to be nature’s treasure trove. The state of Sikkim enjoys the beautiful panoramic view of Kanchenjunga the third highest peak in the world and is the only state to have ”Nepali” as its lingua franca. Manipur also called as the “land of jewel” next to Kashmir we can call it as “paradise on Earth” where Nature seems to have bestowed its precious gift of beauty. Meghalaya literally means “abode of clouds” the capital Shillong also known as “Scotland of East”. The state of Tripura once a princely kingdom but now a state has also got beautiful stokes of Nature. Mizoram also referred to as “song bird of North East”. Now when we go through all these states it opens a broad doorway to an entirely different world that fills one with optimism in life.

But as the saying goes “Every coin has two sides” along with the optimism in life we also get the feeling of pessimism of life. This part of the country has tried to show themselves in the map of the country but has yet to strengthen its roots to leave a stronger and larger impact. This part of the country has many advantages but due to lack of proper oppurtunities and modern infrastructure they lag behind others.

Talking about the state of Tripura its location is geographically disadvantageous as there is only one major highway connecting it with the rest of the country ,this hinders the economic prospects of the state. Poverty and unemployment continuously hover the state. Then states of Mizoram and Tripura that enjoy 92% and 100% literacy rates but goes to vague as their knowledge has no exposure. Even the most astonishing fact is that many parts of North East enjoys a healthy sex ratio, but due to certain negligence of the government it has cause rise to insurgency poverty and unemployment.

I personally feel that government should take certain measures to overcome these problem which includes :

  1. Healthy growth of IT sectors can cater employment at large because majority of the population are literate.
  2. Proper rail connectivity can be at least tried to develop.
  3. Proper exploration and utilization of resources especially oil needs to be taken special care as many parts of North East are rich in oil.
  4. Flood waters needs to be tamed for future use.
  5. Tourist spots can be well maintained in order to promote healthy growth of tourism sector.
  6. Special attention needs to be given on the transportation facilities.
  7. Developed countries like China are trying to build up their north east by inviting friends, rivals and neutrals. This is what India needs to do. Many states of our countries share borders with countries like Myanmar China and Bangladesh. So Indian government can try and maintain healthy relationship with foreign countries. We know that relationship with China is difficult due to disputed borders but with Bangladesh and China relations can be improved by bilateral talks.

Thus I personally feel that these measures can prove to be helpful if taken care of.

- Satarupa Mukherjee.

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