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Northeast needs special attention from rest of India, if so why?

Northeast India, the general term used for the 7 sister states (Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh) and Sikkim. This region is famous for its scenic beauty, evergreen forests, rich flora and fauna. It is one of the favorite destinations for the tourists who have crush for the natural beauty. But the problem is that it does not get that much which it should get; it is generally untouched by the other parts of India. In other world we can say that this is one of the neglected parts of India whose issues are not touched by people like other issues.

Strategically this region is of great importance for India. This region forms the border with China in the north and Myanmar in the east. This region is one of the toughest regions to rule for Indian govts. The condition of this region is not much different from that of Kashmir. The difference is that in case of Kashmir the neighbour is Pakistan and in this case the neighbour is China. As it is China it can be a more disputable region in future. The sensitivity of the matter can be seen by the fact that China makes claims over the few parts of Arunachal Pradesh and shows it in its Maps.

This is not only the issue; other states also have the problems like Assam and Nagaland, where time to time extremist protests can be seen. It is common phenomenon in that region. There is also protest over imposing AFSAPA in this region. We have seen many protests by the organization for scraping the AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Power Act) from this region. These groups claim that govt is violating the Human rights by giving special power to the Armed forces in these regions. Assam is also not away from the controversies, it also have the issues of the illegal Bangladeshi migrants which was one of the hot topic during last assembly pools of Assam.

So based on all these issues of China aggression, separatist protests, Bodo extremists, AFSPA, migrant’s issues etc, this region becomes a very hard nut to creak for the govt and thus it strategically important also.

Some more issues are there which the people of this region face while traveling to or staying in other part of India. These are the raciest remarks like hearing words like “Chinese”, “Nepalese”, “foreigners”, for themselves which are very difficult to digest because we can’t afford to be called foreigners in our own country. We have also seen many attacks on the Northeast communities in different parts of India, especially in New Delhi. So these incidents create a sense of fear within the minds of these people and they don’t feel safe in their own country. They feel cut-off and separated from the other people of their surroundings.

One of the main reasons of this problem is the neglect of this region by the govts of India. Politically this region is not as active as the other part of the country so no political party takes much interest in this region. As a result there is very less infrastructural development in this region since Independence. And connectivity of this region is also not very good with the other parts of the country, transport facilities are also derogatory.

So now it is the duty of our govt to look into this matter in more concerned way and try to win the confidence of the people of this region. It is the duty of the govt to think of the way that how this region can be developed without disturbing the natural infrastructure of this region. Recent govt took few steps in this field by allocating a large sum of money for the infrastructural development of this region. The recent visits of PM to this region are also seen as the move to take this region in the mainstream India. A large work is to be done for the uplifment of this region and we can expect a good result from the govts in the near future.


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