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Northeast needs special attention from rest of India, if so why?

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Embarking on a journey of India’s remote state of the North East is a tumultuous but rewarding one. While perishing the economic growth in last two decades, the fruits of development are unevenly distributed in parts of the country such as the north eastern states. Home to 40 million people comprising the ‘seven states’ or states of Assam, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, Meghalaya, and Tripura along with the eighth state Sikkim is separated from rest of the country by the Gateway to North East India – Siliguri. Not only divinely beautiful but it is so diverse, each state has its distinct culture and traditions. It is one of lowest polluted region in the country. Jungles are dense, powerful rivers rains and thunderstorms sweep across the hills, plains and valleys during the monsoon. The mist carpet valley in winter and the scrolling of tourists in the summers are famed for its magical beauty and bewildering diversity.

  • Assam- World’s largest ‘Tea Producer’ but backs in industrialization.
  • Manipur- ‘Jewel of India’
  • Nagaland- Being a dry state it is famous for Mon’s ‘Ethnicity’.
  • Arunachal Pradesh- though being disputed, it is the ‘Land of Rising Sun’
  • Meghalaya- ‘Scotland of India’
  • Tripura- the most ‘Literate’ in the Northeast around 95% Literacy rate.
  • Mizoram- ‘Molasses Basin’
  • Sikkim- Sparsely Populated, the only brother state having world’s largest ‘Kanchenjunga Mountain’.

Northeast is the “Inner-Peace of India with unrevealed secrets”. But the problem is that it is not getting enough attention in terms of Political, Economic, Social, Technological advancements. Being surrounded by 5300 kms of international bodies, it is India’s portal to the east. More than the geographical separation, people of northeast have felt ‘alienated’ from rest of the country’s Political, Social, Economic mainstream. Poverty, Unemployment, Low Literacy Rate, less exposure and lack of modern infrastructure is surely injustice. One of the major grievances of these section relate to the failure of the Central Government to protect the cultural and demographic integrity. In a broader view the region remains the most under-developed areas in the nation.

The battle of preserving and promoting ‘UNITY IN DIVERSITY’ in India is considerably far from being lost.

At the time of Independence this region was one of the most prosperous as compared to the rest of the country, subsequently it witnessed land-locked problems. Though the partition in 1947 was materially responsible for the region’s separations from India, recent years have seen deep interest in its tourist potential. This area has variety of Flora and Fauna and Avian life. It is blessed with rich natural resources and hold almost 40% of the India’s hydro power potential both being the key for nation’s development. In fact, Northeast India is a ‘Dowry-Free Zone’.

The bitterly Naga Insurgency issue clearly depicts the woeful plight of the people of Northeast. The region is deprived of exposure, modern infrastructure, opportunities and scientific developments.

Dr. Jitendra Singh, the Union Minister of State Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) has recently released (MDoNER) Calender’2016- theme “RISING NORTH EAST” shows developing modern northeast. The Minister also has briefed the festival “DESTINATION NORTH-EAST 2016” in New Delhi to showcase the inherent social, economic and cultural strength of the region in national level. Such positive strategies are what this region demands.

PM Narendra Modi’s northeast fare where he declared train line from Meghalaya to Assam, power project in Tripura and inauguration of festival in Nagaland and Manipur.

“India cannot develop till the eastern part of the country develops” – PM Narendra Modi

The state governments in the region are largely dependent on the mercy of Central Government as their own revenue is small and there is no big industry in the region to deal with the economy and unemployment. The region is in urgent need of state-specific economic packages and requires constant attention from Delhi and major investments as the economy is backward.

Investment in Transportation, Development of Educational Institutions, IT Hub Developments, skilled and educated manpower and creation of the regions interest in the study materials without any bias will contribute to the overall economic, social and cultural development. In addition to this e-Governance in Northeast India, Disaster Management and Bank Loans would help the civils in those regions feel beloved.

“The real voyage of discovering consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”.

- G. Madhavi Ratnam

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