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'Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world' Nelson Mandela.

This quote reflects the importance that we need to put in the education system. Education is the basic human right of every human being. Education is the only source by which a society can change itself. In India, education lags far behind the global average. Indian education system finds itself trapped in the British legacy. The method of education still languishes in the British era. Indian education system teaches a student to memorize rather than understand. This memorization technique fails without any proper revision. Indian education system has to change to adapt to changing times. Currently the education system suffers from many flaws such as low quality of education, no competitiveness etc.


The quality of education system in India is very low. According to an international, independent NGO Majority of students are unemployable. The educations imparted by schools, in govt. schools, were in vernacular medium. Huge amount of investment in the form of fiscal and social is the need of the hour. Government spending in education is very low i.e only 3.5 % of GDP while the world's average is 4.8 % of GDP. Increase in spending by the government will bring talent.

Increasing private participation

Private schools in the entire India are very small. Most of the private schools are present in the urban areas with negligible presence in rural India. This let people to send their children's to government schools. Increasing private participation in the education system will increase the spread of knowledge and make Indian education system strong.

New system of teaching

The teaching system in India is mostly thrusted in memorizing books. This age old system should be changed now. The students should understand rather than to memorize. Understanding will increase their memory. Indian education system is established by its colonial masters to create more babus and pen-pushers. Therefore, this system now needs to be changed and more emphasis should be put to innovative ideas.

Personalise education

Indian education system is like one size fit for all. This is not the case for all. Every child has its own learning capacity. Special emphasis must be put to teach every child individually and innovatively. Earlier children are taught to be babus but now, most of the children are becoming engineers. But this change in career, also, is not translated into innovation. Therefore, personalizing education is a must for today's India.


Currently use of technology is nil in Indian education system. This makes it hard to impart modern teachings to students. Technology has the capacity to reach each and every nook and corner of the country. This makes it extremely urgent to utilize technology for imparting education to students. Technology can connect a pupil of remote area with a foreign pupil therefore exchange of ideas and culture will enhance education system. Moreover, use of technology will keep Indian education system updated in every sphere.

Education system of a country is the main determinant of its future. A good education system has the capacity to uplift the people in every sphere. Whether, it is economic, social or physical. Thus a good education system for India is the need of the hour. Current education system is not bad but there is room for improvements also.

- Mrinal Malakar

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