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Education in India is an attention seeking area.The current education system does not even stand on global platform as less than 5 Indian university falls under top 100 in world. The private as well as government education institutes both suffer from malfunctions.

Regarding learning at government institutes, it seems antagonistic to learning. From teachers and infrastructure to other paraphernalia for learning, all are of poor quality in these institutes. Despite government's efforts of providing free education up to high school, mid-day meals, etc, the condition remains as it is. Bihar and UP are the host to worst government institutes in the country.

It is not too late for restoration of proper education in government schools and colleges. At taking a close look, we find that there is fault at each level in the whole education system. From proper usage of funds to appointment of teachers there has to be transparency in the system. Once funds are released they disappear before being utilized for the purpose they are released. Some measures that can help upgrade this system are:

  1. Strict recruitment of eligible teachers only after proper screening. The screening too has to be common in all schools and of standard type, i.e, merit based and through software.
  2. The cheating during examinations and leaking of question parers must be checked. Officials concerned with this should personally invigilate the whole procedure.
  3. Once the funds are released it should be mandatory for its complete and legal usage within a definite period, as time lapse will lead to misuse or improper use of funds. District Magistrate must ensure that this does not happen.
  4. Various schemes to lure students to school must be scrutinized periodically and old ones be replaced by new ones if needed. This should include spot checking of mid-day meals and class proceedings and inclusion of extracurricular activities.
  5. As far as infrastructure is concerned, I feel that once the quality of education rises, infrastructure too will take a leap as advance methods such as smart classes cannot be propagated in unhealthy atmosphere.
  6. Last, what is ailing is that government employees are unfaithful towards their work or have procrastination attitude. This deteriorates the fundamentalism of learning process. Morality has a crucial role here.

With reference to education system in private sector, it can be rated good in comparison to those run by government but still do need some change. Currently, it seems that private institutions are a means to multiply money for its owners, as such the quality of education deteriorates and frivolous things are enhanced. Some improvements needed in this sector are:

  1. It is noticeable that there is disparity within the private institutions with reference to the council or board to which they are affiliated. For example CBSE follows the CCE pattern for syllabus and grading system for marking, while the ICSE has stick to the old percentage system of marking in each subject, It has caused a muddle in meritocracy selection with some non-meritorious students gaining undeserving access. Hence, all institutions should follow the old percentage system of marking, making evaluation transparent and merit based.
  2. There should be an independent body to look after the fee structure and admission process in private institutions.
  3. It must not be made mandatory to buy books from school prescribed stores only.
  4. Labs and smart classes should be provided to students throughout the year, as fee is taken for the whole year but these facilities are not provided for more than 60-80 days.
  5. The text books used in various institutions differ for the same class, moreover, after every one or two sessions new books are prescribed. This is merely done to derive profit and does not carry any academic value and so should be undone with.
  6. Sporting activities are must for students, as it works as stress buster. Bookish learning at school and then back at home has taken away liveliness from their lives. So sports and required playground must be an essential part of curriculum.
  7. Most important is cultivating moral values in learners. Given the aggression in today's society, it is the schools and colleges where a student spends much time, can instill them with morality. This can be done by inviting social reformers, visual appeal, textual learning, etc.

These were some ways which can raise the standard of education and help produce responsible citizens. But i personally believe that dual system of education ,i.e, private and government is like a rift between rich and poor and thus an impediment to progress. Hence, there should be a single platform to learn.

For this to happen, the government must upgrade the level of its institutions and win over those who opt for their child's admission into private ones. This will invite the attraction of the bureaucracy and other affluent of the society towards government institutions. Then it will be wonderful to see the child of a mason and other of a doctor learning together, growing together and binding the society together.

- Divya Prasad

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