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Lending Hands to someone is better than giving a dole

If your kids need water, show them a well. While draining water from the well they will understand the value of both the water and hard work. Rather if you give them a bottle of water, they will not savvy the importance of physical work. Moreover, the spoon feeding of children make them weak and inferior. In the same way, if your friend is in trouble, just guide them to solve the problems and you do not solve it .Let them solve their own problems. This will help them to fight solely and will enhance their self possession.

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  • In the above two cases, showing a well and guiding to solve problems are similar to lending hand.
  • Giving the bottle and solving their problems are similar to giving dole. Both lending hands and giving dole will solve the problems.
  • Dole can solve the problems instantly, but it is a temporary solution. If they need water next time, they will search you.
  • However lending hands will take some more time to solve the problem but it is a permanent way to get a solution.
  • Lending hands will be the right solution to the people who are in strife. If you really care someone, then always prefer the latter method as I do.
  • This is appropriate in all aspects. Especially the quote is most suitable for the growth of the nation.
  • The righteous development of the nation strongly relies on the Government.
  • There are certain pivotal things that should be formulated by the government in a correct manner.
  • The most important things are employment, free gifts, subsidies, tax, economy, etc.
  • People are admired by the free gifts and they are not aware that the gifts are acquired from their tax money.
  • They should not embolden the doles offered by the government. At the same time, they should never give up their rights.
  • Employment issues are the big problem in both developed and developing countries.
  • A country which finds an exemplary solution for the unemployment will become a successful nation.
  • Instead of giving employment, if the government desires to accord dole to the unemployed people, then it will makes the people lazy and this would lead to the serious economic problem.
  • It also affects the people who are yearning to get job. The government should consider the citizens as its own children and stop giving dole.
  • Alternatively, they can help them in some other means like reducing taxes, giving knowledge about economics, persuading business tactics, skill development programmes, tips to improve agriculture.
  • These make the people more strong and get succeed in life. They do not need to depend upon the subsidies given by the government.
  • Our government has utterly understood the fact. They have initialised several programmes to encourage entrepreneurship among people.
  • The most successful programmes are MGNREGA which guarantees hundred days of Wage Employment, Women Empowerment Schemes, Mudra Yojana, Start-up India, PM Rozgar Yojana and many other schemes are launched by the government in order to get loans and develop business.
  • These are certainly lending hands that will soon make our nation a developed one. As citizens, we should embrace such schemes to flourish the society and should not anticipate the doles.
  • After all, lending hands make both the giver and the receiver happy and you can feel the real bliss in both the cases.

- Supraja Kannan

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