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Lending Hands to someone is better than giving a dole

Is giving a dole to a person is a solution to his/her problem? Are we really “helping” people by giving dole?

Time have been a witness that ‘taking and giving away dole ‘is going on from the time immortal. From ancient time to the present, the policies of giving dole are being practiced. The government has few policies for unemployed, uneducated; people who have suffered from a disaster in the form of relief packages (for example flood).

India is a country where people help each other which bring a positive message to our society and a feeling of togetherness. But, helping people through dole is a temporary solution and this will make them habitual and dependant on others. One should help others in order to lift them up and there skills, which will be a permanent solution for them. Like our teachers do, they help us in brushing up our skills and tell us the correct method of learning things so that we can achieve the result we desire for. In our Vedas it is mentioned that dole was given to priest, to one who were physically handicapped and to old age people who were unable to help there own self. But, now even political parties support dole system in order to tell people that they are the best during elections.

We were always taught by our freedom fighters to fight for our rights so that no Britisher can exploit us (As it is said “sir kata sakte hain lekin sir jhuka sakte nahi”) and so today with a proud we can say that we are independent. One should be self dependent and have self respect so that we can live our life with good values. Lord Krishna never helped Arjuna during Mahabharata, he guided him. Giving a dole can be a problem to as we can see that now reservation is a problem for government jobs. Now every section of a society wants a reservation. Reservation won’t be a problem, if we have policies like spreading education all over India instead of just giving doles. Food and financial grants is provided by our government for downtrodden people but it is not able to reach them and is misused by others, still government follows these policies. But, now government has taken some initiative.

The government have launched new policies like skill India and digital India where people can develop there skills and can share there innovative ideas. Earlier also green revolution was a great success due to improved agricultural technology (or we can say agronomic technology). We need to make people aware of flood and other disaster that take place because just giving a dole won’t end a problem. We should be aware of why flood occurred and make a future plan that how this problem can be solved, so that it won’t repeat again. We should also be prepared with the climatic changes that are taking place.

In our country we have a slow and tardy system due to such policies of ‘dole’. By this our system is not going to mobilize but will be paralyzed. In order to make a strong system every one of us should be ‘self empowered’. As there is a proverb “Every man is an architect of his own fate”.

India is a democratic country and we should aim at following principle of “working together” in order to achieve higher values and give new heights to our country. To enlighten others life by uplifting them and be a pride of India should be our agenda. India will be a developed country when we will be developed in our own self and become an independent individual. At last, we should remember that dole should be an exception for those who really need it.

- Ekta Misra

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