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Lending Hands to someone is better than giving a dole

Recently it has become a trend among the rich society to jump in to help those in need in any bitter situation. But wait, help in what way? Help only by giving a modest amount of money so that the next day their names comes highlighted in all newspaper for being so humble, and patriot towards the country. Giving a dole is not bad or wrong in any way, but sometimes it isn’t just enough, people who are in crisis doesn’t just need our financial help but they are in desperate need of helping hands. Hands that would help them rebuilt their world which has been destroyed, hands that would show them the right path to walk so as to get what they deserve.

Many a time’s a rape victim or a victim of acid attack is given a certain amount as a help towards her, but does she really need that? Instead a strong shoulder to support her, a responsible society to help her overcome the nightmare would be much more than the dole given. A brave soldier fights for his country not only to feed empty stomachs of his family but because he considers it as a service towards his motherland. When a soldier or Martyr dies in India compensations are announced to their families like financial help of thousands and even lakhs, free medical treatment, etc. But the bitter truth here is that only a handful of such families are truly getting these benefits that are declared for them. Instead of delivering such false promises and distributing doles if only they would have been given a proper assistance in reconstructing their lives without their dear ones then it would have been of much greater help. Also in India farmers suffering massive crop damage due to unseasonal rain and droughts are only given a false hope of doles and facilities which are only bagged by some corrupt and powerful ministers. If only the farmer would have knowledge of multi farming or proper irrigation techniques then it wouldn’t have been necessary to compensate his families afterwards. But even the Government of India is still clinging to the old pathetic and corruption dipped technique of giving doles.

Now it’s high time that only the government but even the capable class of society takes the responsibility of changing the system that is being handed to us as legacy years after years. Compensations or doles are also important to stabilise a family affected by a tragedy but we shouldn’t turn our backs when it comes to helping them at the ground level, providing them the “helping hands”. The government must also remember the saying that “Precaution is better than cure” and hence in spite of delivering compensations they should take steps that such tragic situations occur at the least. We all during our childhood took a pledge that “All Indians are my brothers and sisters” and this unites us not only as a nation but as a family. So we should always be one step ahead when it comes to helping our brothers and sisters in despair not just by giving them doles but by lending them our helping hands

- Paramita Mazumdar