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Lending Hands to someone is better than giving a dole


“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” The saying goes this way, that if we offer something out of our pity then it will not be sturdy and as it vanishes it will fade off our virtue also. While paraphrasing the given topic, ‘giving a dole’ portrays ‘freely transferring’. The real worth or value of anything will never be realized unless and until it comes out of their true experience, knowledge and hard work.


A society comprises of each individual living within. To make a self-sustained society every individual needs to be self-sustained. On that note giving subsidies will never settle someone in a fruitful life forever. It may appear to be good only at the start. A dole also will be productive only for those who know how to utilize it. In a developing nation like India attaining a self-sustained society is the greatest deal of all the time.

Our Government announces many subsidies for uplifting the standards of unprivileged and underprivileged but if we see the result of it, it always goes in vain. We have never achieved what we expected to happen by the way of offering subsidies.


When analyzing the failure over the strategy of giving subsidies we come to know that it is because people often never know the true value of what is given at hand. If they have earned the same thing out of their hard work they could have utilized it properly that is to the fullest and gained the expected also. So, instead of giving something, if we teach them how to earn that on their own it will lead to the increase of success rate. Getting something and using it is a mere thing but prolonging it is an art. We need people to learn that art and become master of it, which will make our nation a splendid man-powered country.


“Charity is a cold grey loveless thing. If a rich man wants to help the poor he should pay his taxes gladly, not dole out money at a whim” -Clement Attlee

If we are right in our actions and know our worth presence on the earth then it means that directly or indirectly we are lending hands to someone, because our correct deeds at right time will help someone, existing somewhere at some point, is the theme that the above words by Mr. Clement Attlee tries to say us.

A famous proverb says that,”lending money to a friend, you lose both the friend and the money”. Helping the needy is good, but what is the use, if it finally lands us in hot water?? Such as depicted above. In this case instead of opting for giving money we shall guide our friend by the ways where he can earn his/her own money. This will increase the trust and respect over the friendship. Additionally our friend will also be promoted with self-confidence by tackling such a crisis.


Gandhiji on seeing the poverty of Indian formers, he could have helped them by issuing money or clothes but rather he took off his coats and swifted to dhoti and taught them that poverty should not be a reason to keep them away from the battle of freedom. Earlier Indians were afraid about the British people in great garments.

In the Hindu mythology Mahabharata, Krishna being a God could have fought the battle for Arjuna but he didn’t do so. He just helped Arjuna and made him to fight the battle on his own.

A teacher or lecturer should teach and make the students to gain knowledge. What happens if the teacher itself writes the exam for the students? The teacher can only perform the role of a ladder to uplift the grade (education and values in life) of students and strictly they should never try to take the role of the climber.


“If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path”

- Gautama Buddha

Always try to be a light or hand which enlightens or uplifts both the side but never give your own and set both in darkness. Helping others is a great virtue given to the one who are privileged (possessing knowledge/experience/wealth). All are created independent of others but every man is interdependent on the other. Make use of the privilege for a right cause and at the right time for the welfare of others.

- Caroline Christy.T

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