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Lending Hands to someone is better than giving a dole

Helping the person in distress is a humane act. We should recognize the persons and organization that come forward to do this thing. But this service should not go beyond a certain period of time to the target group which may turn counterproductive. There should be certain measurement gauge which can be used to analyze the quantum of change in the lives of the beneficiaries. Here we can see about the present attitude about helping, their impacts, ideal impact in need and the way forward.

In today’s world of globalization there has been drastic growth in the economy of all nations which also brought millions out of poverty in world in general and developing world in particular. This also came with some negative impacts on the group which missed the train of globalization. Some of the effects are raising level of inequalities, environmental pollution, neo colonel polices, and etc. in order to minimize some of these ill effects on the affected group the government had announced the safety nets to them. These can be attributed heavily after the liberalization of the Indian economy. But these measures are not up to the expectation. These may be due to the leakages, inefficiency, corruption, lack of conciseness of their results. As result of this still large percentage of the people toil in the world of hunger and poverty. These can be concluded from the recent review of the achievement of the millennium development goals (MDG) by various countries.

Government of India has made safety net schemes like TDPS, fuel subsidy, farm subsidy, various pension schemes, MNREGA, and etc. Effects of the above schemes are encouraging only to some extent. Here we take agriculture sector as an example. The government provides various kinds of subsides and funds right from the seeds to the market place of the product. In addition during the natural calamities the government provides relief measures to the farmers. But these measures do not actually empower the farming community. There is a need for a holistic approach to empower the farming community of the nation.

Instead government should think of creating opportunities and educate the farmers which empower them in the long run. These can be educating them about the resilient farming practices, value addition, effective price discovery, insurance facilities, and front and back end marketing. These measures will have overall positive impact in the living standards of the farming community. And in turn subsidy burden will reduce and make ease in terms of obligations of WTO box subsidies.

Moreover the welfare schemes are not reaching the targeted groups completely. There are number of diversion of the fund which leads to leakages. Thus the dole giving only release the pressure in the short term and not the long term needs. Hence there is a need for long term perspective in every welfare schemes. In order to achieve this there should be complete change in the planning power houses of the country. In addition there should be proper research of the welfare schemes funded by government. In this process various stakeholders like field experts, targeted groups, civil society, implementing agencies should be taken onboard. By using the result of the research work, the welfare schemes should be rated according to their impact in the quality living of their targeted group.

Once the long term perspective of the schemes is achieved, it will make the society healthier in various aspects. This will lead to the opening of flood gates of the human resource potential of our country. This will compliment the efforts of the government in skill India program. Thus instead of providing only employment opportunities, government should provide economic opportunities. The economic opportunities will lead to growth of entrepreneurship atmosphere in the country.

The recent flagship programs like JAM trinity, Startup India, Standup India, Digital India, ATAL innovation mission, agricultural Insurance are in the right direction. These measures will lead to empowerment of the citizens and the nation. Once it bears fruits, there will be economic growth along with human development starts climbing new heights.

Government should be more responsible in long run and accountable in short run. Thus giving dole is accountability and providing empowerment is responsibility. Hence the need of the hour is a responsible helping hand than giving dole.


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