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Make in India- vs Incredible India

Make in India and Incredible India are indefinably the quintessential landmark policies fitted into the Indian economy.

These policies have a divergent backdrop but the basic theme they share in common is to stimulate forex inflows into the economy of our nation.

In precision lure the nations abroad to invest in India in terms of savings or rejunuvation by presenting the picture of a neatly wrapped and packaged nation which is an assuring destiny.

This is a prelude of the discourse and now we visualize literally on whether the policies attained their objective and if they did to what extent and even cast our eyes in a relative comparison of the success each policy attained.

Make in India campaign has sprung to birth in the incumbent speech of our Prime Minster Narender Modi marking the celebration of 64 years of independence.

Later it was elucidated in detail and rolled down formally on Sep 25,2014 [incidentally on the same day of the launch of Mars Orbiter Mission. These two remarkable events were earmarked for the same day]

While Incredible India as a pilot scheme of the Ministry of Tourism was brought into life way back in 2002.thus there is a notable gulf in the airing of these two policies.

Make in India initiative declared to accentuate on a handpicked 25 sectors of the economy which exhibited a greater magnitude and relevance of growth; Pharmaceuticals , Defense ,Textiles Industrial equipment are under this basket. The FDI caps in these sectors were hiked to an hitherto unprecedented extent. The Incredible India could be phrased as an international marketing strategy to promote tourism in India .It kindled to life in the regime of UPA 1 govt. and has been extending its longevity with necessary modifications and novelties.

Earlier the policy was which confined to promotion of tourism seeking the attention of international communities has gradually emasculated the element of domestic tourism in the term of Kumari Selja.

The slogans of 'Athithidevo Bava', "look East", the campaign has won the adulations of people for the strategy they adopted in reaching out to the denizens of nation and sensitizing them towards the preservation of national heritage.

Make in India campaign is seeking help of Digital India to animate itself under the head of the Blue Sky research which has been propounded in the latest Indian Science Congress.

The idea of virtual courts and digital evidence, further few novel concepts as like the devices to feel the products before purchasing them online have been shared to gain investor confidence for such inventive business to emerge in the country.

Further initiatives and incentives being lended out to start-ups has turned Make in India a reliable initiative

Incredible India hasn�t been little in any measure to allure people with novel concepts. The idea of Walking Tours where probable visitors are provided platform to navigate via internet and choose the cities of choice and the concept of �Tripigator� a virtual platform to set personal itinerary for tourists at one stop has been brought forth.

We have been contemplating upon the virtues of these campaigns but to what quantum have they been successful and what is the probable rate of success? Scrutinizing this query one must be reminded that make in India is something on the track quite recently. The slump in the Chinese markets, (major competitor with regard to investment) and assurance to roll about GST before the Budget are the pros that suggest the scheme Make in India is going great guns.

Further the importance the nation's Prime Minister attaches to this scheme by bringing this element under the panel of discourse for most of his itinerary and domestic innovations augment our hunch.

While as per the latest reports of the Ministry of Tourism quoting the surge in forex earning by to 13,253 in 2015 from 12988in 2014 by about 2% and data concerning hike in the tourist inflow quoting the growth by 4.4% depicts a rosy picture

It turns onerous to evaluate the champion in this strife, await and watch till the next fiscal could alone clear our qualms. Hence the battle of make in India v/s Incredible India ends in a stalemate.

-Harika Kuncha

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