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Make in India- vs Incredible India

With the advent of new government, the period has seen coming up of many policies, initiative, campaign and movement. These are undertaken or implemented for a good cause that is betterment of the nation. But many of these moves though praiseworthy are facing criticism as they are likely to depose the meaning of several other already implemented moves.

For seeing the validity of the issue, we will consider two such moves and compare them. These moves are- Make in India and Incredible India.

'Make in India' is an initiative of the government of India to encourage FDI in India or in one way it means inviting multinational as well as domestic industries to manufacture their products in India.

The initiative was launched on 25th September, 2014 with an aim of making India emerge as top destination for FDI, surpassing USA and China. The move aims at affecting 24 sectors which have great value for India Economy. But this initiative has its own merits and demerits.


  • Facilitate Skill management and Job creation: With India being country of about 1.29 billion people and the figure likely to increase in near future, job availability is major concern. Many people are still unemployed and if population grows, the figure of unemployed will also grow. So an urgent need of job creation is required otherwise the asset of the nation will be a burden.
  • High quality goods and services at cheap rates: With more and more companies coming in India, it will create an atmosphere of competition. The healthy benefit of this would be that people would get high quality services and goods at cheap rates.
  • Strengthening the economy: With so many companies coming to India and making their goods and providing various services, it will remove a lot of burden on Indian wealth that is used on import of various goods.


  • Automation: With so many companies coming in India and setting up their factories would not see good measure for employment. Nowadays with advent of science and technology many companies are reducing the manpower in their factories and are depending on automated machineries, robotics etc for production.
  • Improper Labour laws: The incoming of foreign companies can exploit the working labour as our labour laws are not upto standards. That means it will create misery condition for the working population causing stress, distress and diseases.
  • Environmental concern: The rise in number of factories in India will poses the biggest threat to the environment and climate change. If the companies are not evaluated for their carbon footprint and environment impact, it will worsen our ecology.

'Incredible India' is an initiative implemented by ministry of tourism in 2002 to promote tourism in India. It aimed at

  • Attracting visitors in India to admire the rich cultural and varied heritage of our nation
  • Generate income out of it
  • Providing employment to locals
  • Give a boost to local artistic works.

The move was a success as the tourism industry of India was enhanced and India emerged as global tourist destination. The program 'Atithi Devo Bhava' launched in 2009 was also a success.

It was implemented in alignment with 'Incredible India' to make people aware of how to treat the visitor and treat our country in order that it is praised. But now the 'Incredible India' is likely to lose its meaning because of 'Make in India' initiative and some other. The question is how?

The answer lies in the demerit of the 'Make in India'. If a proper check is not given to the environment impact caused by all these factories being set up in India, it will worsen our condition. It will destroy our rich and varied culture. The enemies in form of pollution, deforestation and environment degradation will rob up the country of its aesthetic value.

My highlight is not against the 'Make in India' initiative but it is against that darker impact of the initiative which can cause destruction. It should be made that government give a lead to environment protection over the initiative. It should be not that the initiative kills other initiative or worsen the condition. 'Make in India', 'Incredible India' and other initiative or moves should be a paragon of symbiotic relation and not a parasite for healthy growth of the country.

-Abhishek Kumar Ranjan

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