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Make in India- vs Incredible India

We are comparing the make in India and incredible India campaigns. Make in India is the mission of current government of India (BJP) and current Prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi.

The PM Narendra Modi unveiled the Make in India mission through last 15 August Independent day speech. He addressed to the people of India as Team India (121 crore Indians) as the part of this mission and all people would play important role in this program. The make in India mission was formally launched by the Fianc´┐Ż Ministry in 24 September 2015.

The object of this mission is to focus on creation jobs and skill enhancement in twenty five sectors of the economy. High quality standards and minimising the impact on the environment. The initiative hopes to attract capital and technological investment in India. For this step, cabinet of India allowed 49% FDI and 100% in railway infrastructure.

Make in India mission is focusing the 25 sectors; Automobiles, automobile components, aviation, Biotechnology, chemicals, defence manufacturing, construction, Electrical machinery, electronic system, Food Processing, Information Technology and Business process management, Leather, Media and Entertainment, Mining, oil and gas, Pharmaceuticals, Ports and shipping, Railways, Renewable energy, Rods and Highway, space, Textiles and garments, Thermal power, tourism and hospitality, wellness.

Make in India Mission is getting so much response from India, US and abroad. Various companies want to participate in this mission and invest amount in various projects.

Spice Group would invest 500 crore rupees to mobile phone manufacturing in Uttar Pradesh. Samsung would manufacture in the Samsung z1 in noida plants. Hitachi would set up plant in Chennai in 2016. I think the Make in India is the mission of all civic of India and responsibility to invest and increase the growth.

Incredible India (it is international marketing campaign to promote tourism in India by Indian government). The incredible India title promoted by Amitabh kant. The ministry of Tourism launched this campaign to promote incredible India In 2002.

The aim Incredible India is to attract people to visit India and Increase the tourism In India. That's why government made the brand ambassador to famous personality like Film stars Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir khan to promote Incredible India.

Aamir khan and Amitabh bachchan are promoting Incredible India mission on TV. Through this media want to increase this mission and attract people and also giving the message to young generation and Antisocial element. India is country of Indian and we should respect of our culture and old heritage.

The famous place which gives the most attraction to this mission, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, shimla, Utti, Delhi, UP etc . The India and Indians people are responsible to take care this heritage and maintain all old famous architecture fort and other things, which give most value to Incredible India mission. The make in India and incredible India are the same things and same aim to development of India.

-Sanyog varshney

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