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Make in India- vs Incredible India

Make in India is an initiative of the Indian Government to improve the condition of Indian market and make it a global manufacturing hub. This initiative was launched by the Indian government on 25th September 2014. It was aimed to encourage multinational as well as domestic companies to manufacture their products in India, high quality standards and minimizing the impact on environment.

The objective behind this initiative is to make India become the top destination globally for FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) thus creating millions of jobs and enhancing skills in 25 sectors of the economy. To encourage this initiative Indian Government has provided relaxation in many of its policies which earlier used to create hurdles for companies who wanted to invest in Indian market.

Now companies from all over the world can invest and work in India very easily. For example Spice Group said would start a mobile phone manufacturing unit in UP with investment of Rs 500 crore. It is also aimed to promote entrepreneurship in India. They can start their own companies. Government is giving many relaxations to startups.

As a result people who want to try their hands in business need not worry. This initiative has gained popularity among people because of its incredible promotion in media whether print or electronic, social networking sites. In-short this is a golden period for people who want to live their dream.

Incredible India
India is a land of diversities. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari there is wide range of beautiful destinations. But due to lack of acknowledgment many people do not know about this.

Incredible India is one such initiative started by Indian government to promote Indian geographical beauty all over the world. This initiative was started in the year 2012. Veteran actor Amir Khan was appointed as the brand ambassador of this initiative. The motive behind it is to promote and make India the top most destination for tourists globally.

This initiative is based on the idea of "Atithi Devo Bhawa" which means "Guests are like God", which is an old Indian belief. This will help in the increment of Foreign Exchange in India. It will also create lot of employment opportunities in Hospitality Industry.

This seems to be a fairy tale on paper. But a lot of things are needed to be done in order to achieve this. Government needs to create proper transportation so that it is easily accessible for everyone. More and more information needs to be provided on internet so as to attract tourists form outside India.

The bitter part is that more tourists mean more usage of resources. Depletion of natural resources. While there are chances of friction among the people if they do not respect each-others culture. Hence it is not only the duty of the government but also the people to make good use of the opportunity provided by the government. Thus we can see in both the above initiatives government is providing so many opportunity to the people. But it is also the duty of the people to avail these opportunities and participate to make India a global leader in these endeavor.

-Puja Rani

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