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Make in India- vs Incredible India

Make in India & Incredible India have been two of the landmark initiatives by the Government of India(GOI).While the former is a 15-month old programme that is devised to transform India into a global design & manufacturing hub,the latter is a 14 year old international marketing campaign to promote tourism in India to an audience of global appeal.It is by sheer conincidence that both the initiatives have been taken by the BJP led NDA government.

These two initiatives don't have a technical link & are poles apart from each other in its strategy & implementation but they are bound to have an impact on each other.
Let's look at the some of the key features of Make In India campaign :

  1. It aims to inspire confidence in India's capabilities amongst potential partners abroad.
  2. It has to provide a framework for a vast amount of technical information on 25 different industry sectors.
  3. It aims to reach out to a vast local & global audience via social media & constantly keep them updated about opportunities,reforms, etc.

Make in India is a collaborative effort which has seen participation from Union Ministers,secretaries to GOI,state governments,industry leaders & various knowledge partners.
Public-Private partnership has been a hallmark of Make In India program.
Key Indicators of Progress of Make In India Campaign are :

  • Unprecedented opening up of key sectors to dramatically higher levels of Foreign Direct Investments in sectors like Railways,Defense,Insurance & Medical Research.The regulatory policies have been relaxed to facilitate investment & ease of doing business.
  • It has managed to dismantle the obsolete & obstructive frameworks of the past & replace it with a transparent & user-friendly system that is helping drive investment,foster innovation,develop skills,protect IP & build best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure.

Coming to Incredible India,it was an international marketing campaign by the Ministry of Tourism to promote India as a tourist destination.In trying to bring professionalism,an integrated communications strategy was formulated with the aim of promoting India as a destination of choice for the sophisticated traveller.Oglivy & Mather was hired for its services to create a new campaign to increase tourist inflows into the country.The campaign projected India as an attractive destination by showcasing different aspects of Indian culture & history like Yoga,Spirituality etc..

The campaign received appreciation from tourism industry observers & travellers alike.

In 2008,Ministry of Tourism launched the "Atithi Devo Bhava" campaign to educate the local population about the importance of good behaviour & etiquette when dealing with foreign tourists.It also worked towards creating awareness about the effects of tourism & sensitizing local population about preservation of India's heritage,culture,cleanliness & hospitality.It attempted to reinstill a sense of responsibilty towards tourists & reinforce the confidence of foreign tourists towards India as a preferred holiday destination.Bollywood actor 'Aamir Khan' was the brand ambassador for the campaign since 2009.He was the face of the campaign across different mass media platforms for almost 7 years till December 2015.He has been replaced by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan who had been directly recruited by the government at PMO's behest & also Priyanka Chopra later.The move had got nothing to do with Aamir's intolerance comment in November as he was not hired by the government directly but was under contract with Mccann Erickson which ran out in December 2015.

Both the campaigns will help in giving the Indian Economy a boost.With Make in India infrastructure,technology has got to develop by leaps & bounds whereas Incredible India will be benefitted hugely as it will get more visibility by the arrival of delegates of MNC's in different parts of the country.Incredible India campaign can portray it in the best possible manner so that these delegates can come over to India with their family as 'tourists'.

-Keshav Raghav

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