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Pubs and Discos, are they any good for the youth?

Pubs are in fact public houses, where people go to drink primarily and discos is short for discotheque, a nightclub for dancing and which may house a bar as well. From the definition it can be gathered that these are places of entertainment, relaxation for a person. Considering that such places are usually open at night, the argument that their presence and functioning is deteriorating our youth is pointless and baseless as they do not affect or interfere with a person's work/college timings. Having established the purpose these places offer, we must also consider and respect the freedoms afforded to an individual by our Constitution. Any enjoyment, activity pursued within limits and as prescribed by law cannot be banned.

Talking about the youth in particular, we live in a country, where the major strata of urban population belongs to the youth. Besides focusing on creating jobs for the youth and engaging them in productive activities and encouraging them towards creative pursuits, we cannot and should not become a police in administering how they enjoy or what they do in order to relax.

Man is a social animal and feels the need to be among his social circle. Our corporate world is very demanding and at the same time generous with remunerations. However, back to back deadlines, work pressure and shortage of time often make it difficult for colleagues to meet and greet each other in the office, hence they choose to catch up with each other in a more informal atmosphere over drinks. This allows and helps in building relationships and solidarity among team mates or between senior and junior colleagues in an office.

However, this only provides us with one side of the coin which recognizes and assumes that the youth will be responsible and not overstep with regard to their behavior. There have been many incidents that have led to brawls, fights, and gunshots etc, all emerging from the pubs or discos. It will not be wrong to hold liquor served in these places as the main cause of such incidents, but we should not forget that it is us, humans who decide how much we should administer it to ourselves. This is like a flat punctured excuse put forward by a lazy obese person, that his bad health is a result of his mother's good cooking. Similarly, with respect to pubs and discos, my argument is that just because alcohol is served in plenty in such places and they often create an atmosphere for individuals to get lost in the music, does not warrant abusive drinking and misbehavior after that. Anything enjoyed responsibly is safe and good.

As far as focusing on the impact of such pubs and discos on the youth, we must not wear blinders and pass judgment owing to negative incidents that do take place emerging from such places, but we must be rationale and keep in view the interests of a greater number of individuals who visit such places to unwind, to bond, to enjoy and to relax. In my view, I do not believe, that there is any perverse effect such pubs/discos have on the youth. The entry to such places is usually paid, hence, there is no compulsion for those who do not agree in the existence of such places to visit them. It's a place of entertainment, just like a movie theatre, we cannot and we do not accord any blame upon the movies which the youth watch and which have a greater impact on their decisions, outlook etc, so why ban or consider a pub, disco to be a place which has adverse effects on the youth.

With the mammoth array of choices available to our youth, in terms of pursuits and activities, we must focus on building a responsible, empathic society rather than judge and remove any activity which some section of the society may believe, causes the youth to be instilled with degraded morals.


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