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Pubs and Discos, are they any good for the youth?

Pubs and Discos are the junctions of fun, leisure, music, dance and people. In modern times, when people want to spend some fun time, after the daily humdrum of life, pubs and discos is one of the options available for them. In ancient times, dance and music were intricately woven into the festivals and cultural agglomerations of India that serves this very purpose. People used to sit together, share ideas, do festive preparations & performed their rituals collectively that serves this varies purpose, making it more complete and meaningful. These festivals and religious ceremonies, provides an opportunity to the people to take a break from their routine (mostly boring) lifestyle and feel afresh. During such possessions or events, miscellaneous but important works were generally assigned to youths, which not only nurtured team spirit and sense of responsibility among them but also contains elements of fun & innovation.

But in modern times, monotony of city life has bulldozed the diverse culture and traditions, (thanks to globalization). People neither have time nor intentions to live a quality social life. In fact, whatever meagre time they are left with, they prefer to sit, half dead on the couch and ogled at their idiot box or computer screens or mobile phone screens. But what about youths who are too energetic to sit idle. They want to show their temper; they want adventure, thrill, innovation and also some mischiefs. They want physical display of their talents, temperament, traits & energy. All these things are so loud, vocal & conspicuous that it is not possible to accommodate them in disciplined, serious office life or even at home. As we see that in urban culture, elders often teaches the deteriorated version of "sanskars" and " Parampara" which is more dictatorial in nature than friendly. In some other cases, family relations are too strenuous or too casual to get attention of parents. As a result, youths feel lonely and empty. To fill this emptiness and to get rid of their superficial lives (although temporarily), they heads towards pubs and Discos. Here they meet people who are also sufferers of boredom & stress, like them. They feel good when they need not to follow any guidelines. They need not to get confused on petty issues like "How should I greet the person standing next to him?" Should I say 'Good morning (as to the boss) or "to touch his feet" (as to the 'Mamaji'). Just saying "What's up dude?" is more than enough to make a new friend or relationship. This effortless atmosphere gives them a sigh of relief. Here they need not to solve the complex puzzles on Indian relationship manual. Like "if husband of your mother is your father than how the daughter of the sister of your father is related to you?".

Pubs and discos are good for youths as long as they serve as a refreshing pill and stress buster. But if it takes them away from practicality of life and drags them to a virtual world having no place for their families and traditions then the demoralization it may cause, is immeasurable. Discos & pubs is a place that broaden friend circle but it also make them an easy prey to those illicit elements who are on a continuous hunt of innocent youths. Drug addiction, prostitution, physical abuse, alcoholism and bend towards crime are the traps, to which youth became an easy prey at these places. Thus, youths have to define and acknowledge the thin line which separates fun from being spoiled. In a crowd of strangers, it is difficult to guess what is going on in other's mind, especially for you". So, caution and moderation is the key.

It is better & safer, that youths organize weekend parties or picnic with their parents/friends. For this, parents need to give the desired space and privacy to the youths. Youths also has to be friendly and at same time respectful to their family & friends.

Vibrant and colourful life of night bird at pubs & discos may also be enjoyed but it is important to be cautious of wrong elements in the society. It is important to keep in touch with parents and your well-wishers (at least they should know where you are & with whom) and never underestimate their advises.

Pooja Gupta

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