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Pubs and Discos, are they any good for the youth?

India being very diverse country in terms of Religion, Society, Language, Region, Ethnic Identity, Culture, Custom and rites. Sudden change in the life style can be adopted by some highly educated and flexible mindset people, but others may be seen it as a unwelcomed and threat to the culture and create conflict with their counterpart. The nigh out culture in 'Pubs and Discos 'is prospering in big cities of India, which is adopted by some sections of people, at the same time it is discarded by others.

Historically, westernisation, that is influence of culture of western developed countries into Indian culture, is discarded, protested, but there are people who welcomed these culture to dilute the rigidity in Indian setup in terms of Religion, Caste, Gender and so on. Gandhiji explained with example-keep the doors and windows of the house open for fresh air by keeping the base of the house intact. He tried to explain that allow everything that is useful and acceptable from the western culture by keeping the basis structure of Indian culture intact. But on the other hand, some people thought any western influence in Indian culture is detrimental to Indian society and they violently opposed.

The 'Pubs and Discos' culture prevailed mostly in USA and UK, and that trend established in India also due to globalisation of culture and life style. Where young people freely live their life in the name of entertainment. 'Pubs and Discos 'seen as place for Drugs, Alcohol and sometimes for sex also. People who accepted these cultures are too free to use drugs and even feel free to engage in sexual activities in the crowd that is totally unacceptable in Indian way of life. It is the level of freedom, where a couple feel alone in between the crowd around them but one always should keep in mind that every rights is associated with corresponding duties to follow.

Entertainment and freedom in life for young is always seen with the main purpose to make life worthy with proper education to make life dignified, respectfull and successful. Regular visiting 'Pubs and Discos' is not useful at all, which is detrimental that comes with drug addiction,lust,physical and mental retardation and divert the one from the actual growth and development in a holistic what for better life in the future.

Occasional visiting with a good friend circle enhance the behaviour, leadership, respect for others, and gregarious character of young person. By keeping full scope for others with their activities, never interfere or disrespect others rights, Peer pressure by controlling peers in case of breaching limit when over consumption of alcohol to behave well in public sphere. At the same time there is always a sense of competition among peers for better branded clothing and costly latest electronic gadgets which considered as matter of prestige and status, which ultimately harm the hard earned money by parents.

Drugs, Alcoholism is common for new generation. Young people use 'pubs and Discos' to seek partners for sex and entertainment. After consuming drug or alcohol it may result into sexual violence and woman abuse. Many times alcoholism lead to severe conflict and violence, which some time became cause to murders. For example Jessica Lal murder case, where an influencing person who is son of a powerful politician shoot a pub female employee.

As pubs and Discos are very costly and addiction to it causes bankruptcy, domestic violence, compromise with ethics and moral conduct of the people. Arguments with parents for money, breakdown of relationship among family members and friends due to change in behaviour due to drug addiction. May lead one's life in lonliness, frustration and stressful that may lead someone to commit suicide.

Entertainment is necessary part of life to get rid of stress and physical tiredness. Some people choose to visit pubs and discos for relaxation by ignoring all tension and problems for instance that will make one free from mental and physically relax to start next day with a fresh mind and body.

Night out by women in pubs and discos create a sense of gender equality and women freedom and empowerment, which were suppressed in India throughout history. That also shows their awareness towards their rights and freedom, which prevent them from unwelcomed interference from people around them.

Living like time, which changes every moment, is a perfect way to live with respect to the changes happening in the world around. Water in resting condition is prone to deteriorating by bacterial activities and makes it non-potable and other uses. Similarly life also should have tendency to change according to changes that are happening around.

Lalit Kishore

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