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Pubs and Discos, are they any good for the youth?

In the past few decades due to globalization Indian culture has been exposed to external influences predominantly the west, and like any other society our society is also evolving with the changing time. One such influence is the emergence of pubs and discos in metro cities. I will try to evaluate their influence on our youth and society at large.

First let us discuss the purpose of pubs and discos. Pubs and discos are places of social interaction, place to relieve stress of day to day life, entertainment, and yes place to find potential partner. Now the last point is interesting one where a significant difference exist, and a different mechanism exist in India to address it.

In order to dwell deeper, we must first try to understand differences in Indian culture and traditions with respect to western culture. Indian society has traditionally followed a patriarchal structure with male members enjoying greater freedom as compared to their female counterparts. Gender prejudices are common. Interactions of two opposite sexes are limited or viewed with scornful eyes. Whereas in western culture man/women enjoy equal status and their interactions are without any bias. People are more open and forthright in western culture as compared to shy nature of Indian people.

Intermingling of this two contrasting cultures and metro cities showing greater inkling towards adopting such lifestyle has raised a conflict with people with more traditional mindset. However it is important to look into the matter carefully before arriving at any judgement.

To start, it is not difficult to recollect that pub culture was in focus of civil society and media during past few years for some of the wrong reasons. Some of the issues that came to light was drunken brawls and abuse, drunk driving, rave parties, drug abuse, and children under age of sixteen visiting pubs.

Am I concerned? Yes I am. Children under sixteen visiting pubs, having no supervision is really concerning. Strict age check must be mandatory and children shouldn’t be allowed to visit pubs. Laxity in this regard is not acceptable and parents as well as pub owners should be punished to discourage such tendency.

Drinking Alcohol is ok if one exercises control. For example one should make sure that they don’t drive under influence or engage in brawls or abuse others. Don’t force the police or law enforcement to check whether you are drunk or not and also cause inconvenience to fellow citizens. Drug abuse is one such trend that is most disturbing. Certainly it is not good for anybody.

Having look at the negative aspects, I suspects whether Indian youth are mature enough or do we have misguided notion that behaving irresponsibly without any control is part of western culture.

Certainly learning from other cultures is a good thing and incorporating better aspects of other culture is step in right direction but not giving thought to other culture and belief is a recipe for disaster and step in a direction of wasting a generation of youths.

In conclusion youths are the guiding stones which drive the change in the society and decision regarding whether pubs and discos are good or bad for them should be left with them. However youths must be sensitized to enjoy freedom with responsibility for country’s as well as their better future.

Sachin Godbole

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