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Pubs and Discos, are they any good for the youth?

Society is never static. It keeps on changing and adapting new cultures from the west from time to time. What is important to know, what can really be adopted from this western culture or this so called modernization.

What we notice today is that the society easily adopts what seems to be fascinating. There is a change in the social norms where people prefer spending their time with their friends and not with their parents. They love to kill their time in discos and pubs rather than staying at home and working towards achieving what their target is. The problem with such an attitude is not that is misleading all the time or it can completely hamper the process of one's thinking but the defect lies in the excess use of such habits and not realizing the essence of the Indian culture. People forget that "Modernization, socialization, and progression doesn't alter nor permit discarding the morals and the laws one should abide themselves too."

Are the pubs and the discos actually good for the youth?

The answer is a simple no. The youth is only thinking about having fun today. There is no thought of improving their lives in the future but to enjoy today. This eventually is making them carefree but they fail to realize this. What they call this is socializing, but is this process of socialization a positive one? Indeed it is a negative one!

Socializing is not when we indulge in alcohol and then making friends. It is not when we are away from the loving hands of the mothers or when we are making friends with the unknown. It is when we know who is to fit within our limits of friendship and it is when we make friends with people in the sober sense. In order to know them better and increase the bond with friends, we always have other things than alcohol but sadly this is the only thing the youth finds today. The youth has made is a symbol of their status and is happily even damaging the beautiful system of organs which God has put our soul into.

Even after having a lot of knowledge about the world and even knowing the demerits of consuming alcohol, the youth indulges in and continues to go and spend their nights in the pubs and discos. The youth forgets that their reputation is at stake and that they need to be careful of who they are spending time with. The alcohol is the medium through which we have all crimes taking place and yet this tradition of consuming this rotten drink continues without fail.

The pubs and the discos are no substitute for a good and relaxing holiday with the family or spending the leisure time with friends at a socially more accepted place. Such are the places which make a person fall in love with his liberty and then nobody dare to even challenge it! This further makes them a rebel and they act in the manner which pleases them. There is bound to be chaos in such a situation as the norms and values in the society are in existence because they have a multiple role to perform.

The concept of live and other vague concepts arising out of such socialization is a limitation to spending time at the pubs or the discos. This culture is surely not going to lead us to long ways. The fact that the society has been practicing the idea of marriage and being regulated by other social mechanisms is a proof that the society need not accept the concept of live in relationships or even the idea of consuming alcohol to a limit which is beyond all controls. Then will be a situation which would be beyond the control of the communities and then will we try to blame the individuals only. It is now time to get together and stand against such social habits and try and incorporate some values and cultures which will surely help the society to progress.

Meghna Nimbekar

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