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Power is the term used for the ability to govern. It is the capability of making decision, influencing other's decision at individual level and by extension at national level to create healthy self-image.

Power can work as stimulant and at the same time as intoxicant. There are leaders like Nelson Mandela, Jawahar Lal Nehru who made good use of their power to enthuse democratic, benevolent and progressive ideology in their society. We also have examples of leaders like Robert Mugabe and Kwame Nkrumah and many others who though having their heart at right place could not exercise their power correctly and made bad use of their power for personal benefit.

After world war 2 the world divided into two block leaded by USA and USSR who influenced the decision making of the countries associated with their leading block. It was the power of the USA and the USSR which made them influence the ideology of their following countries and world got divided into socialist and open market economies. At the same time the power politics of these two faction brought the world at the brink of war, a totally destructible war. The world was sitting on the pile of atom bomb which could have ended the entire humanity at any time with a little provocation conversely the atomic power also made these countries responsible and both avoided any real confrontation.

Nelson Mandela spent 27 years of his youthful life in prison and was released only in 1990 under huge pressure and growing fear of racial war. Mr. Mandela was selected as the president of South Africa in the general election of 1994 which gave him absolute power and he could have used this power to take revenge for the hardship he and his race was made through by the outgoing regime but he used his power responsibly and turned South Africa into a flourishing democracy where everyone has same rights without any discrimination.

Power has a great effect on our mind. It make us think others as less powerful or even powerless and if not used judiciously may turn us into an anarchist. We have a great example of person like Adolf Hitler who turned the entire world into a battle field. Mr. Hitler became president of Germany in 1984 and turned the entire world into a battle field. Millions of Jews were massacred on racial basis who should have been provided with better opportunity for the development of Germany. If he has used his power responsibly the World War 2 couldn't had happened and millions of life could have been saved.

We have one of the best example of great power with great responsibility as our own country India which has flourished into a vibrant, developing democracy because of judicious application of power by our successive government who developed belief in democracy, social development, inclusive society and scientific temper. Today, our country is the 10th largest economy nominally and 3rd largest on PPP basis because of successive responsible power in centre and in states. We also have a country in our neighbour ship Pakistan who became independent at the same time though after division of our country is struggling with chronic problem of poverty, terrorism and various other social stigmas.

It is rightly said that "All power corrupts, but some must govern".

-Mani Kant Jha

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